Sex & the city Men’s edition. Featuring Usher, R-Kelly and Kevin Hart

In what seems like a perfectly scripted blockbuster;  R.kelly, Usher and Kevin Hart are making headlines in the most sexist ways.

In this Movie they are all lead characters, there is no supporting role.

We have put together a written montage (bear with us)



Meet Usher; the cheerful giver

You have heard by now that he reportedly paid a former lover $1.1 million dollars after she sued him for giving her Herpes.

This former lover is a friend of his ex – wife Tameka Fox. Her name is Maya Davis.

Davis was good friends with Usher’s ex – wife Tameka she was even on her wedding train. Usher married Tameka in 2007

So apparently yes, he was sleeping with his wife’s BFF.

When his wife realized he was cheating on her she divorced him in 2009.

At about the same time Usher was diagnosed with an incurable sexually transmitted diseases. (Herpes)

Maya Davis who he was still sleeping with him at the time observed a greenish discharge coming out of his penis, but he told her it was nothing and she accepted ( how dumb)

He continued having unprotected sexual intercourse with her; until she went down with a 100degree fever, cold chills and sores on her vaginal area.

She went to hospital and was diagnosed with herpes.

According to the court document, Raymond posted a check covering her medical bills totaling $2,754.40.

Maya Davis sued him and prevailed in the lawsuit because Raymond was found to have “consciously and purposefully” withheld his herpes diagnosis from her “and continued to have unprotected sex.”

In summary, he gave her Herpes ; Then over a Million bucks .


R. Kelly Aka The child minder.

They call him daddy

He calls them baby

It’s a sex cult consisting of six beautiful women between the ages of 17 to 22 years of age.

The god they worship and aim to please is R.kelly.

According to a story by Buzz feed R. Kelly has kept a couple of young girls in a complicated hostage situation.

It’s complicated because the girls are within the age of consent, they don’t want to be rescued, disturbed. They are perfectly fine. R- Kelly was said to have taken away their phones and cut them off from their families.

According to news sources, they  live in chalets and guests houses. They also have a black room for sexual activities. He dictates everything. When they go out, what they wear and how they eat.

He physically punishes them for disobeying the house rules.

The females of the sex cult are managed by  a 31year old den mother who trains new girls on how R.kelly likes to be pleasured

The lid blew open when a young 21year old college student Jocelyn Savage dropped out of school

to be with R.kelly. Her parents were having none of it and thoroughly investigated the situation.

They held a press conference and called R.kelly out.

They asked him to release their daughter to them.

Of course R.kelly has denied all allegations and his lawyers are threatening to sue.

But we all know R. Kelly reportedly has pedophile history.



Kevin Hart the comedian

I spy with my little eye…

A man that looks just like Kevin Hart smooching a white girl in a car.

Radar Online posted a few photos of a man that looked like Kevin hart in a Lexus sedan with a mystery woman.

The site claimed that Hart was canoodling with this woman after hanging out with her at Liv Nightclub in Miami in the early hours of July 3.

Kevin Hart’s present wife is heavily pregnant with his baby.

He left his ex-wife to marry her.

So some say its karma on the new bride.

Others say he is completely irresponsible.

The Central Intelligence star reacted to the gossip with an Instagram photo of him laughing his head off, with border text that read: “At the end of the day, you just gotta laugh at the BS.”

So much drama.

I would like to end with this tweet I screen grabbed from twitter.


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