Lassa fever has infected and killed more people in Nigeria

While we rage about Coronavirus, another deadly virus is spreading rapidly in Nigeria, its killed many people especially in the rural communities, but this local pandemic is not getting the attention and urgency it deserves

Lassa fever

Is a zoonotic viral illness meaning the disease spreads from animals to humans – Just like the Covid19.

Covid19 Virus spreads from Bats to humans’ while Lassava fever spreads from the urine or faeces of  Mastomy rats – A specie of rats prevalent in west Africa

Humans can also contract the Lassa Fever virus after eating foods these rats have pecked on.

 How dangerous is Lassa fever?

From the Nigerian center for disease control it is apparent that over 3500 people have been affected while 161 people have been confirmed dead

It is a haemorrhagic virus, which means it can cause bleeding. 8 out of 10 people  with the virus have no symptoms. It affects the liver, kidneys, or spleen so can be fatal.

Person-to-person contact is possible via blood, tissue, secretions or excretions, but not through touch. Sharing needles may spread the virus, and there are some reports of sexual transmission.

Nigeria very recently lost six doctors while battling Lassa fever, its alleged that protective clothing for the doctors were unavailable.

Lassa Fever has spread across many states in Nigeria, surprisingly it has not been declared a pandemic.

The areas in red account for the spread of infections across states and local governments. for week 11 of the pandemic 2020.

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