The Biafra conflict in Nigeria is playing out like a real movie: Meet the actors and characters

Character 1 : #freedom fighters  (The masses)

In my opinion, it’s not Nnamdi Kanu.

While I admire his bravery to boldly confront the Nigerian government, we could speculate that Nnamdi Kanu has something tangible to gain. Niger delta type amnesty,  president of the Biafra state or even Nigerian’s first Igbo president.

But the very ordinary Nigerian (sorry Biafra) men and women who come out to IPOB rallies; donate their time, money and presence to the Biafra course are the true freedom fighters.

Whether their agitation is wrong or right is still subjective, but they have nothing personal to gain and everything to lose if the army bullet catches up with them in a rally.

It’s no joke guys the Biafra Freedom fighters are everywhere, in 88 countries across the world.

In 2015, they stood to be counted during the one million man March agitating the release of Nnamdi Kanu from jail. Where some unfortunately lost their lives.


Character 2: #The Rebel leader:  (Nnamdi Kanu) 

Nnamdi Kanu is obviously the star of the show. The self-declared leader of IPOB started his campaign as director of radio Biafra.

His inflammatory comments such as we need guns and bullets, burn down Nigeria if I am arrested is simply good for TV. He is no local player: he has got the movement, the donations, the people (Biafra agitators in 88countries) … and the power.

He started his radio Biafra in London. Years later he came into Lagos and was quickly arrested by the DSS on charges of treason and felony. This sudden arrest bestowed on Nnamdi Kanu a Mandela type status.

It triggered protests both in the south east states and across the world with supporters demanding his immediate release. He grew in popularity and his followers and disciples expanded. While in prison, he received high profile visitors like state governors and celebrities.

After two years of judicial gymnastics and legal fireworks between the government and Kanu’s legal team, he was granted conditional bail but so far, he has openly flouted his bail orders.

He held mega rallies in Rivers and Ebonyi State. Ordered Igbo(s) to sit at home on Biafra Remembrance Day which was largely successful.

He has also  stated categorically that there would be no elections in the east until a deciding vote( referendum) is held for Biafra

Character 3  #The challengers (Nigeria government)

 “Questioning our collective existence as a nation crosses red lines, step too far”  Buhari.

The federal government has written their own script as the villains of this movie. President Buhari has demonstrated zero tolerance for dissent.

He proved this by ruthlessly dealing with Muslim cleric Ibrahim el-Zacky in Zaria, Kaduna state. The Muslim cleric was getting radicalized, Buhari quickly stampeded his growth in a military show of force during which hundreds of people were killed.

In like manner The Federal Government has been unrelenting in their move to crush Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB movement.

Starting with his arrest, ignoring court orders to release him, using Military to disperse protesters, the operation Python dance and most recently declaring IPOB a terrorist group.

The backlash has been swift and fierce but the federal government is making good of its powers to maintain law and order.

Character 4 #The Naysayers:

These ones are there to stoke the already burning fire. They keep proclaiming the marginalization of Igbos and citing examples.

They are not for Biafra neither are they for the federal government. But with inflammatory comments they worsen situations.

Reno Omokiri Former Jonathan aide was quick to chime that Igbos are marginalized because there is no airport in Abia and aba, he forgot to mention there were airports in Owerri, Enugu and Port Harcourt.

Senator Ike Ekweremadu has taken no sides, but he also cries marginalization. He insists that Igbos should be allowed to manage their own finances and explore their natural resources.

He did not mention he is an Igbo man holding the exalted position of Deputy Senate president 

Character 5 #The opportunist (Ohaneze ndi Igbo, Hoodlums)

The red caps on them though

The Ohaneze ndi Igbo (elders in Igbo community) clearly should support the IPOB movement right?

Wrong. They do not want a war, neither do they want to break away from Nigeria. But they like the idea of IPOB.

They are currently piggy backing on the current agitation as a bargaining chip to get more resources and appointments from the federal government.

The IPOB movement has lambasted them for their veiled support and neither here nor there position.

Hoodlums and thieves are now masquerading as IPOB supporters to set up illegal road blocks, extort money from drivers and basically steal from people. Linda Ikeji’s blog reported an incident where some ladies narrowly escaped with their life after being robbed by the IPOB members.

Character 6 #The Politicians

There is a sense that Nnamdi Kanu is being courted ahead of 2019 general elections. The presence of Fayose and Kayode in his court trial may give credence to this assertion.

Fayose, who says he has recently identified with the Biafra struggle, has volunteered to raise funds for Kanu’s family needs and legal defense.

He has also continued to openly show support for Nnamdi Kanu Lambasting the Federal Government and sympathizing with the Igbos.

Femi- Fani kayode also hosted him in his home in a full press dinner. This is a thoughtful gesture, but one that is open to interpretations considering the somewhat divisive nature of FFK.

This show of support from political leaders can be interpreted as a way to get goodwill from people from the zone and ensure their votes.

Character 7 #The pundits

These ones are experts in all things politics. You can find them with very intelligent write ups on facebook, twitter and Sahara reporters

@JJ Omojuwa   @ogundamasi, they all out on twitter with very intelligent opinions.

Infact a really high level pundit would be Chimamanda Adiche who was interviewed on BBC hard talks. She wrote the book half of a yellow sun which documents the Biafra journey

Character 8 #The Spectators:

These would be the rest of us who just have mouth to chat in beer parlours, offices and gatherings.

Oh yes we also argue on face book / twitter and comment sections of Linda ikeji.

I they hail ooo, because I am one of you. Plus grab your popcorn, season 111 is going to be very lite.

Nnamdi Kanu is so stubborn, he isn’t backing down! If the Federal Government arrest him, more drama. If he stays free, more drama.

so which Character are you?

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