Late Robert Mugabe’s funniest quotes

The only warning Africans take seriously is ‘low battery’ (march 2016)

“I’ve just concluded – since President Obama endorses same-sex marriage, advocates homosexual people, and enjoys an attractive countenance – thus if it becomes necessary, I shall travel to Washington, DC, get down on my knee, and ask his hand.” – ZDC radio interview, 2015

Following the death of the Zimbabwean president Robert Gabriel Mugabe who rose to power as a champion of anti-colonial struggle, The media and the people of Zimbabwe has been divided on how he should be remembered-Hero or Villian.

He is no doubt the Father of Zimbabwe who boldly fought for Zimbabwean independence even while imprisoned., but his 30 year rule which started well ended badly as he reduced a once thriving country to one of the most impoverished nations in the world all in the bid to cling to power.

Posterity will forever Judge Robert Mugabe for dying in a Singapore hospital while many Zimbabweans who dont have access to proper health care, languish in ill-equipped hospitals

Nevertheless, he is a controversial figure, He would be remembered for some of his Many outrageous quotes- Here are some of his funniest quotes

If you are in love with more than one person then whats inside you is no longer a heart but a memory card

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If you are ugly, your are ugly.. stop talking about inner beauty because we dont walk around with X rays – Robert Mugabe

“No African girl will choose six pack over six cars, so stop going to the gym and go to work

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Your Pastor has 6 bodyguards and you only have his sticker on your car to protect you, My friend is your brain paining you?

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