How to make a Migos hit song – this hilarious parody is a must watch


YouTube comedian Lily Singh released a comedy video on how to make a Migos song- so hilarious and so true, according to her its simple-

1 make Some sound effects with just your mouth 

Skrt Skrt Skrt , zoop, zoop … you dont have to copy Quavo, just make yours, and by the way, it does not have to make sense.

Just pick a few random words that rhyme and repeat them again and again….

Drip, drop, Drip drop,

Walk it like i talk it, Walk it like i talk it

Mama told me, not to say a word! Mama told me not to say a word!

Then record with very minimal energy, dont be over hyped, act like you just strolled by the studio

No high pitch, no strong emphasis- they just let the words flow- very cool. like its nothing

Finally bling up real good

Watch lily Singh’s how to make a Migos song Video

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