Xenophobia- 7 groups of Nigerians that emerge during crisis

South African looters take items from an alleged foreign-owned shops during a riot in the Johannesburg suburb of Turffontein on September 2, 2019 as angry protesters loot alleged foreign-owned shops in a new wave of violence targeting foreign nationals. (Photo by GUILLEM SARTORIO / AFP)

In the past few days of the xenophobia pandemonium, its been interesting to kick back and observe how Nigerians react to crisis, 7 broad categories of behavior stood out to me.

1) The Clout- Chasers-

When there is a national crisis, Some celebrities genuinely use their platforms to make a difference, but some others just leverage the opportunity for some free press or jump in just to mark the register.

Following recent Xenophobic attacks against Nigerians and other foreign nationals, here is Wizkid’s response below-

How can Wizkid be preaching peace and using strong words like “fuckoff” and Clout chasing dickheads in the same sentence. If he was really serious about a peaceful approach it would have reflected in the tone of his message. This leads me to conclude Wizkid is one of the many clout chasers advocating for peace may make him appear to be the bigger person (eyes rolling)

Punch newspapers would be like …..Stop insensitive comments, Wizkid tells Nigerians- (free press earned)

2 The fake news Media

Some people would “sha” leverage the crisis for likes and shares- so they dig up old videos not even related to the crisis to make things worse. these group just exist to be adding log to the already burning flames to keep it alive

This video being circulated is not a Nigeria facing xenophobic attacks but jungle justice being meted out on a south African earlier this year

The impression created was that hundreds of Nigerians were being killed but at the end of the day, it turns out there were about 7 casualties; Two South Africans, one Zimbabwean and about 2 Kenya citizens according to a South African newspaper new24.

Two burnt bodies were also discovered in the wreckage- nationalities are yet to be confirmed.

This is all really sad, but there was so much exaggeration from influencers and bloggers that fueled even more anger among Nigerians and other nationalities.

3) The true peacemakers

The consistency of Banky and Toke’s messages makes it clear exactly where they stand- A peaceful resolution. But its funny that Toke Makinwa got a severe backlash for taking the same stance as Banky. Sexism?

4) The Jesters

These group don’t really have a serious opinion about anything- They take nothing serious- i doubt they really understand the implications of whats happening


5) Bandwagon followers

Some others just want to be politically correct, so they kind of follow a bandwagon mentality- they say things they think sounds like the going trend, they agree with everything that seems to be the largely acceptable. They agree with the position of Megastars.

The same people who hailed Burna boy for threatening to beat AKA also praised Wizkid for his so called peaceful position.

Check out this tweet below- South African user supports Xenophobia and the next minute she is preaching one love Africa

6) The frustrated people

If you listen to the opinion of some Nigerians, you will realize its not Xenophobia they are angry about, they are just frustrated with life. Its that group that goes out robbing people, breaking things and fighting fellow Nigerians in the name of xenophobia

On twitter they are dragging everyone very quick to use strong words- like this babe below (relax girl, – there is something called an opposing opinion)

These frustrated people insult celebrities for keeping quiet and insult them further for saying the wrong things. They would abuse anyone with an opinion different from theirs.

7) The Intellectuals

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