A Naija girl in Texas is the first black student to graduate top of her class+ (Other Nigerians graduating with top honors abroad)

Valedictorian…Now that’s a big word in American high schools

It refers to the student who has the highest-grade point in his or her graduating class in high school. This student must make a speech at the graduation ceremony. That speech is called the valedictorian speech

Well Naija no dey carry last, especially if they are studying abroad

A Nigerian girl- (even though Americans are claiming her now)- Tobechukwu Tobi” Phillips became the first Black valedictorian in Alvin High School Texas’s 125-year history.

Tobe earned a 6.9 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale, placing her at the top of her class. She only took AP courses aside from her electives and earned all A’s all four years in the courses. Out of a school with approximately 2,800 students only 86 are Black students.

In addition to her academic studies Phillips is a decorated volleyball and track athlete. She is also a Sunday school teacher, a member of the Rho Kappa Honor Society, president of the National Honor Society and an AP ambassador.

“Maintaining the highest GPA in my class is a difficult task. It truly takes time management but more importantly acknowledging what you do it for. I know that I am no longer just representing myself,” Phillips told Because of Them We Can.

Tobechukwu Phillips

So, what next for her

She has earned a full scholarship at the University of Texas at Austin. It is the most prestigious scholarship that UT offers. Out of 4,000 students, only 16 were chosen.

Phillips will attend the Nursing School at UT in the fall. Her plan is to one day own her own clinic as a paediatric nurse practitioner.

She is not the first Nigerian to smash her education abroad-


Guys these are just to mention a few,there are so may of them

So the next the next time anyone tells you that Nigerians are known for drugs, crime and fraud, tell them that its a single story!

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