BBN- Nigerian’s hilarious reaction to the 3:00 night vigil + House mates react to Khloe and Anto

This was one live show full of surprises;

The house mates got to Meet Big brother physically in dramatic settings; he was like a king on the throne flanked by his messengers. and they were lined up like his subjects

Then all the strikes are removed( Cee-C, Lolu and Anto were particularly excited)

Big brother tempted the housemates with a choice to leave the game now and choose an envelope with an undisclosed sum of money in it. While there were signs of temptation from Rico Swavey and Alex, no one took the bait at the end of the day.

But the climax of the show was waiting to see house mates reaction when Khloe and Anto walked in( big brother decided to deny us the opportunity till 3AM)

OK, so Nigerians are patient, we waited…

After staying up late, or setting alarms to catch the drama- Anto and Khloe walk into the house when all the house mates are asleep and go straight to bed ( Nigerians were having none of it)



The most hilarious reactions to their return

Big brother sounded the fire Alarm so everyone had to wake up. then Khloe and Anto scream with excitement (we are back!!).

Lolu- giving Anto the side eye, he knows Anto now knows he had a girlfriend outside the house. he also suspects she may not have time for him anymore.

Nina- Dazed , looks really worried and afraid.


Cece- Not excited, not having none of it and pretending about it.

This is truly Big brother Naija – Double Wahala



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