Failed in college? No problem, these YouTube stars make millions of dollars at home.

The explosion of social media is making a parody of life’s career choices. A law graduate would have to save all his salary for at least 4 years or more to make the money that you tube stars make in year.

And what does these millionaire you-tube stars do exactly?

Well, armed with a good camera they go on adventures like scuba diving, some just play video games, others goof around with funny videos. The really serious ones cook, bake, review products or just do make up.

They have become paid influencers and earn millions in ad revenues.

Meet some of the most popular and well paid youtubbers

Pew die pie; the gamer

57 million channel subscribers, 16billion total views & Net worth 16 million dollars

Remember those games your parents told you would ruin your life and you needed to go read. Well Pew die pie plays games for a living.

He plays and records the whole process, then uploads to his channel.

Pew die pie has millions of followers, who generally tune in to watch him play video games.

The video games he plays flies faster off the shelf after he is done playing it.

I don’t know how else to explain what he does

You can visit his channel below for more details

He dropped out of university to start his you-tube channel. Sold hot dogs to support himself because his parents refused to keep supporting him after he dropped out of school.

Other business: he has written a book, launched his own video game and started a network of gamer’s tagged Revel mode.  


Roman Atwood: The prankster

13 million channel subscribers, 1.4 billion total views ‘9 million dollars net worth

He is silly, goofy and fun but sometimes takes things a bit too far. If you ever had a friend who played the most expensive and annoying jokes, that’s Roman Atwood.

He is a prankster. He has pranked his girlfriend into thinking he mistakenly blew up their son, he has pranked people into thinking he was stealing.

In March 2014, Roman, along with his accomplices, were arrested by the Columbus police department for inducing panic and disorderly conduct during the filming of a prank where he pretended to rob an ATM in public. He was released on bail and was summoned to court. The case was widely contested, with his fans showing up to court to support and watch the case. As a defendant, he won the case on the basis of expression of art and freedom of speech, and the case was settled .He has 2 boys and one female child.

Business: he launched a company called smile more. there he sells different types of merchandise like T.shirt, caps , backpacks, hoodies, etc.

Lilly singh AKA superwoman comedian

2.2billion total views, 12. 5 million channel subscribers and 8millon net worth

If you have to describe her in one word, it’s probably unserious.

She is Indian Canadian,

She does really short hilarious skits were she alternates between various roles as father, mother, brother and herself.

She has also featured really popular mainstream stars Like Serena Gomez and the Rock on her channel.

Some of her popular jokes include: when I die, types of people in the shower, things parents lie about, etc.

Like other mainstream comedians, she occasionally embarks on a world tour. Her comedy concerts which  go as far as Hong Kong and Middle East  are always sold out.

Rossana  pansino: she bakes

9 million subscribers and over 2.1 billion views. 6 million in net worth;

Her channel is called Nerdy nummies.

Rossana pansino looks and acts like a human Barbie. It does not help that she bakes the cutest stuff, she also sounds like she is remote controlled

She is the queen of themed cakes.

Game of thrones ice and fire cakes, Unicorn cakes, grump cat cake, captain America cake. You name it.

If it’s in season and its trending, then she is going to make it.



Michelle phan: Beauty, Makeup and lifestyle 

1 billion + channel  views & 8 million subscribers

She has not posted anything on YouTube for over a year now, yet she is still one of the most viewed makeup artist.

On one hand she is great at makeup, but she is also creative and have the ability to put together Steven Spielberg type productions.

That makes her make up tutorials really exciting to watch.

She has started her own makeup line and is actively pursing other endeavors.

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