The Dapchi girls movie saga- 5 puzzling questions that still linger among Nigerians

Imagine two friends watching the same movie, on the same screen at the same time yet they are both asking each other what’s happening?

The Dapchi girls kidnap situation is like a complicated blockbuster, and as season one draws to a close, multiple questions linger and conspiracy theorist are all over social media proffering answers to the confused viewers.

Who are these people with direct access to Boko Haram that negotiated on behalf of the Nigerian government?

The Nigerian presidency has stated on Wednesday that the release of the Dapchi schoolgirls by Boko Haram terrorists was unconditional hence no ransom money was paid. According the presidential spokesperson,  back channel efforts was used to secure the release the girls.

How do we know it’s not a conspiracy between the so- called back channel team and Boko Haram to extort money from the government? And if its really true that no money or ransom money exchanged hands; what was agreed with  the terrorists? Aisha Wakil AKA mama Boko Haram, a key back channel had better be brought in for  questioning

Why and how did Boko Haram terrorist group and enemy of the state operate so freely in Dapchi, almost like an Uber?

Amnesty international made it known that the Nigerian armed forces ignored calls that Boko Haram was about to attack. According to confirmed reports, the terrorist made a 5 hour journey into Dapchi with large Hilux trucks.

The military ignored repeated calls and warnings about this development and did not show up to the scene until after the terrorist groups had left Dapchi. where they afraid of the terrorist or in agreement? Puzzling. 

Why did the villagers at Dapchi welcome Boko Haram insurgents like heroes? They were spotted cheering for the insurgents as the dropped off the Dapchi girls. Boko Haram members even gave presidential handshake to some of the residents chasing after their trucks 

How does Nigerians and opposition really want this story to end?  They are clearly unhappy with the script.

When the girls were kidnapped, everyone shouted disgrace! Buhari’s government is a shame! The president was attacked for attending a wedding in Kano, for not visiting the girls’ parents to console them. Pictures of crying parents and deserted schools ran amok on social media as anti Buhari propaganda messages

Then fast forward one month later after the release of Dapchi girls – everyone claims the entire situation was orchestrated. are we unhappy the girls were found?

At what point would Dapchi girls finally be allowed to go home and rest So the Dapchi girls have turn to celebrities just like that? Entering military planes “upandan” to take pictures with the president.

The father of one of the schoolgirl kidnapped by boko haram has described the pain of having his daughter taken away again to see president Buhari after she was released by the insurgents.

He had only been able to see his daughter at the hospital for a few minutes.

“Even though I assured her I wouldn’t leave her there, we were all asked to leave and they took them away.”

Time to let these girls go home and rest , enough with the photo ops already.

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