Beychella: A sneak peak backstage to see how Beyoncé prepares for her Iconic performances

How do any sane person react to Beyoncé’s Coachella performance?

Watch some of these snippets again, just to be sure we are on the same page

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First can we scream … A little louder? Good.   Now deep breaths count 1 to 10 let’s talk.

This 36 year old mother of three has become the greatest entertainer that has ever lived in the planet Period. To make it even better, she did it with her family Jay z, Destiny’s child & Solange shared the stage with her at different points

With her performance, she has broken a few records…She is now the first black woman to ever headline Coachella, made destiny child the first pop group to ever headline Coachella, Longest Coachella dancing sequence on stage ,most tweeted and praised Coachella performance  but most of all the highest streaming record ever.

We dug into archives of her backstage rehearsals,  here is how she does it every time!

She has a clear dream, everyone must fall in line to achieve it.

I collaborate and respect the people that I work with but I dreamt the performance before it happened” Beyoncé.

When Beyoncé was invited to perform in Vegas in 2009, she decided to do something different from her regular shows. She wanted to remove the theatrics and dance “just give me my band, a stage, some cool smoke and lights”

To complete the vision, she requested an orchestra with a pianist, violinist and other string instruments. She charged her team to get to work in bringing her idea to life.

No one in her team wanted an orchestra for her Vegas show because the stage was so small. But she pointedly said I don’t care about that. I want it to feel like a jam session, I want it to feel real. She did not care if it was not practical or whatever, she wanted an orchestra and she was going to have it- period.

2) Don’t tell me it’s not possible, she’ll go to any lengths to make it happen 

When she wanted to perform choreography for who runs the world video, she decided to infuse Kwaito dance into her performance,   She decided to copy dance steps of a Mozambique dance group she found on YouTube called Tofu Tofu . the problem was- not one single dance group in America could teach her and her team the steps


She proceeded to search for the original group in Mozambique; Africa. With help from the US Embassy in Maputo, they were found and flown out to Los Angeles, California to introduce and instruct Beyoncé and her dancers their native dance moves as well as be a part of Beyoncé’s hit music video, Run the world (girls)

   3) She is the boss- make no mistake

“Don’t play it that way”   “it don’t feel right”   “Who asked them to flat iron a man’s hair”  ” take the sound up bring it down a notch”   “if I am not sleeping, no one is sleeping”.  These are some of the sound bites you would hear from Beyoncé during her rehearsals.

Because she liked doing things her way, she founded her own record company parkwood entertainment in 2010 and hired a team of veterans and underdogs to run the ship. She pointedly told her team no one makes decisions for her, she makes the final call.

Hamish Hamilton the Super bowl halftime director says that working with Beyoncé is interesting because she can be a both a benevolent dictator and collaborator, and through the working process you meet both sides.

Beyonce and Superbowl half time director backstage during rehearsals

 4) Everything is larger than large

According to set designer Russell wingfield, only Beyoncé, rolling stone and YouTube can pull off the larger than life stage design and sophisticated equipment.  Mrs Carter’s tour deployed about 28 trucks, 11buses, and a crew of roughly 150 people.

 5)She is the artist, the production manager, creative director, band, script writer- she gets her hands involved in everything

Don’t get me wrong, she has a full team of professionals from production managers to stage and set design, dancers and all. But she still involved in everything including the smallest details.

After the script writing, singing and music videos is done she seats at the editing suit while they put the album together.

6)A woman who prays;

Is powerful beyond measure, from the days of destiny’s child till date; before Beyoncé hits the stage she holds hands with her team and pray

     7) Super woman work ethics;-

I dream it, I work hard, I slay till I own it. She does not just sing it, that’s her real life.

” When I work, I don’t eat, I don’t use the rest room, am like a machine, and I forget that everyone else around me may want to eat or use the restroom”

Beyoncé and her crew spends long hours and late nights at rehearsals. And according to her she has to pretend to be strong because she sets the tone, if everyone else around me see I am exhausted then they have reason to be tired.so I always pretend like am completely fine.

Yesterday was Coachella, the biggest Music and arts festival in America. Renamed Beychella because beyonce performed. you see, she is not a goddess, its just hard work.


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