Hot body tip of the week is inspired by Australia’s Mele Osai who lost 65 kg in 2 years.

Once upon an overweight Mele Osai;

14 year old Australian born Mele ate all types of cheap unhealthy food. Lollies, soft drink and chips. To make matters worse she ate portion sizes that could feed several people.

And she drank a lot:  flavored milks, at least two liters of fizzy drinks and barely any water. At the age of 14 she had reached an upwards of 140 kg.


According to Mele “It was hard for me to enjoy things in life as the simple task of walking would leave me tired and exhausted, I couldn’t wear clothes I liked because I could never fit into them, and overall I was very insecure about my body”


The resolution

She could never forget the date she decided to make a change. She has it tattooed on her arm.

Her weight was beginning to affect her health, the doctor told her she had insulin resistance which could lead to diabetes,

At that moment her life changed forever, a will power to change her situation was born.


                                                     Journey to recovery (+ 65kg off.)


Mele cleaned out her diet

 In Mele’s words it doesn’t matter how much exercise you do, you simply can’t outwork a bad diet. Get on top of your nutrition.

Mele cut out unhealthy sodas) and sweets but did not do a fad and restrictive diet. She ate to fuel her body and also drank lots of water!

I ate more organic foods and natural products, I avoided prepackaged low fat snacks which is packed with unhealthy sodium and hidden calories


 She started with what was available   

 “Excuses don’t get results” Mele Osai

When I started I just did what I could Mele said. All of her exercises where done in the comfort of her own backyard because Mele Osai was both too young to sign up to a gym and too self-conscious to be seen.

As time wore on I picked up my dad’s old weights and found I really enjoyed lifting them.  I didn’t sign up to a gym until late last year once I’d turned 16,’ she said.


 Weight lifting + Cardio: the Magic combination.

Previously, Mele had tried bike riding, running and swimming, but these fitness activities did not stick because she hated cardio.

She finally focused on lifting her Dad’s weight .To balance out the weight lifting she would go on Long walks. It’s therapeutic to just put your headphones on and walk away.’

‘Now registered in the gym, Mele continues to lift weights. That’s what I enjoy best,’ she said. Not wanting to lose any more weight, she is now concentrating on strengthening and toning at the gym through her love of weights

She attends the gym five or six days each week in between her retail job and school, Mele still incorporates long walks for cardio.


Reduce portion sizes:

In terms of healthier food choices Mele has reduced her portion sizes and now includes lean protein, fruit and vegetables into the mix.
‘I drink water now which was something I never used to do. I don’t think of food as the enemy though,’ she said.

When there is such a misconception of what is classified as a good and bad food. I just eat mindful so I have energy to get through the school day.’

According to online blog Livestrong do not save up calories for one big meal. By eating at the correct times you minimize the risk of triggering your body’s “starvation protection mechanism which protects fat supplies.

Frequent eating of small meals activates digestion mode encourages the body to burn fat instead of muscle tissue.


Don’t skip breakfast:

Mele now starts her day with a “big bowl of oatmeal with yoghurt and fruits”.

A good breakfast keeps her full and ensures  she doesn’t really get  so hungry during the day. at lunch and snacks times she eats little portions of  healthy meals, fruits , peanuts and raisins.

she has an early dinner which is usually made up of a lean protein (chicken/beef/fish) with lots of vegetables, rice, potatoes and some sliced avocado.


Using her Instagram page (view here)  Mele has become a fitness inspiration to people struggling with weight issues. 


                                                                                                          “ Once you see results, it becomes an addiction”   Mele Osai

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