Nicki Minaj new tracks + She addresses beef with Cardi B

Move over Cardi B, the old Nicki with barbie lyrics is back. Not the Anaconda Nicki, the super Bass Nicki

Nicki returned on Thursday with two singles, Chun-Li and Barbie Tingz, Listen and lets talk

On her beef with Cardi B

In November of 2017, following the release of Motorsport, entertainment website Capital Extra interviewed Cardi asking what it felt like to work with Migos and Nicki Minaj, and if there was any beef between the two of them. Cardi replied by saying “well, u know when I heard the track,  “Her verse was not finished well, was not the verse thats is on right now” 

Busy bodies in the press investigated and found out that Nicki’s verse had to be changed because it had Cardi’s name on it, and Cardi did not want Nicki Minaj mentioning her name.

Well Nicki was unhappy with that interview, she felt it had some negative vibes to it, but she has been quiet about it until her interview yesterday with apple music

Apple music interviewed Nicki who mentioned that she was unhappy with Cardi mentioning that her verse had to be changed because it made it sound like they had some beef. She felt if she had agreed to do a Collabo with Cardi who was a new artist, then Cardi could have been a bit more grateful and offered praises rather than jump on the Nicki hate train.

During Motorsport, there was also some scheduling conflict hence Nicki could not shoot Live with the rest of the team. Nicki Minaj pointed out they felt like she was being a diva rather than understanding that it was not possible at the time

Silent diss lines to watch out for from Barbie thingz

“Had to come off IG so they can’t stalk me, “All they do is copy looks, steal music too.”….. Cardi B?

How are you still dissing still can find some hits – Could that be for Remy Ma…Ouch

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