Vladimir Putin: How he got so powerful and why western European leaders are scared of him

vladimir-putin-hunting-585130243Vladimir Putin, the man who allegedly installed US President Trump was named Forbes Most powerful Man in the World in 2014, 2015 and 2016.  Unseating FMR US. President Obama, the Queen of England and the Pope.

 Hero or Villain? The world is divided on how to define Vladimir Putin.

In the Late nineties Russia was a failing Military, a failing economy filled with cooperate corruption and tortured by Islamic separatist.

Vladimir Putin was Russian’s James Bond (Ex KGB Agent), he left the secret service and joined politics ascending into the Russian “Iron Throne” The Kremlin in 1999.

As president, Putin Turned things around; He improved the economy, installed Law and order and jailed corrupt leaders. He also brought back pride to the Russian Military making them 2nd in the world after the United States

On the dark side; opposition had sudden accidents or got poisoned. Protest were banned and nosing journalist disappeared.  He controlled the media, the judiciary and the internet.

A true master of manipulation he has held power till date (16years) installing a puppet president in 2008 for one term, who handed power back to him in 2012.

Within and outside Russia; Putin runs the world:


  • He invaded an island (Crimea) from a neighboring country (Ukraine) and annexed it

    Russia Forces Invade Crimea

  • He took over their parliament, radio stations and armed forces and dropped the Russian flag.
  • The United Nations, Europe Union (EU) slammed sanctions on Russia
  • But Putin had his way.
  • He is currently building a bridge linking the annexed Crimea Island to Russia



  • Chechnya a Muslim dominated province in Russia has been separatist for decades 18th century till date.
  • Under Previous Rulers, Russia has fought and lost many battles trying to recapture the city of Chechnya
  • And Chechnya Muslim society was getting bolder, terrorizing other cities in Russia by blowing up schools and hospitals.
  • Putin came along in 1999 as Russian President
  • He promised a better war, a successful war and to destroy terrorist anywhere anytime
  • He stated there is no border with Chechnya, discussion is over.
  • A better, more prepared Russian army under Putin took Chechnya city through combined airpower and artillery gun fires.
  • He took over the city, they were now part of Russia again.
  • He installed Ramzan Kadyrov as the new Chechnya leader ordering to kill, destroy any early signs of radicalization,



  • Syria government has a long alliance with Russia; when Rebel groups sought to overthrow the regime of Syrian president Assad; he called on Russia for help.
  • Putin responded by raining down his Russian bombs on Aleppo the rebel held area of Syria, targeting and killing rebels and civilians caught in the cross fire.
  • The US, UN, Amnesty international cried foul,
  • Putin was called a war criminal
  • But he had his way.
  • Aleppo fell and rebels were killed while some fled.



  • Eight European Countries close to Russia or share a boarder with them are scared to the teeth.
  • With Russia aggression and Military might it would be so easy to annex one of those countries.
  • The Boundary between Russia and Georgia keeps shifting as Russia keeps taking a part of their land.
  • Ukraine another neighboring country is struggling with Russia interference
  • NATO and America had to send their troops to remain permanently in some Russia Bordered countries like Poland and the Baltic nations to guard against Putin’s aggression.


  • While everyone has been preoccupied with whether and how Russia meddled in the U.S. presidential election, Russia‘s is working to solidify their regional influence in the middle east this time through Libya.
  • Haftar a Military Opposition Leader in Libya has Putin support to overthrow the government and rule the country.
  • Vladimir Putin also has Syria in the bag after helping the Assad Regime overthrow Rebels
  • He capitalized on his victory in the Middle East to start peace talks and invite America as a guest.
  • He has also maintained steady and bilateral relations with Iran, Turkey and Egypt.


  • Cyber Hacking, media Propaganda and fake news has been Russia nonmilitary means of achieving political objectives in many European countries.
  • Their Objectives is to elect political holders that would favor Vladimir Putin’s territorial tendencies
  • He also wants to dissolve unions that keep clipping his wings: European Union, NATO.


  • Putin’s Biggest Heist yet has been installing the new United States president, Donald Trump who had on many times in the campaign trail called Putin a strong leader.
  • Hillary Clinton would have been bad for Putin’s regime, and she would have slapped tighter sanctions on Russia.
  • Using Email Hacks, anti-Clinton organizations, state controlled news RT and social media “trolls” to feed disinformation to the American audiences, Putin campaigned and won the election for Trump.

The Kremlin, Russia Seat of Power

So what’s driving Vladimir Putin’s aggression with his neighbors and why has he assumed the Role of a worldwide bad guy.



Soviet Union Red Army

Their lived the largest and most powerful Kingdom on earth called The Soviet Union.

It was made up of 15 republics, Moscow Russia was the capital. Its citizens were called Soviets.

They had a powerful red army that crushed enemies, opposition and took more territories.

It was a strictly communist government where the people had a little voice and no freedom.



There was a growing concern and silent fear of the Soviet Union. And worry they would spread their communism across the world.

The more territories the soviets took, the more the fear increased. Western Europe believed in democracy, free speech and human rights. They did not want soviet influence to spread in the world.



It was a war without weapons. To stampede the growth of Soviets and stop them from invading the Western Europe NATO was created.  A coalition of 15 western European countries plus America.

NATO’s objective was simple; an attack on one is an attack on all. European Union (EU) was also formed. A trade Union with a single trade market that excluded the soviets and its capital Russia. The Soviets were wearing out.


1991 BOXING DAY: The fall of the soviets:  

Too much spend in battle weaponry to compete with America and the west affected the soviet economy, member countries fell into a recession.

Internal Social, cultural and political issues complicated issues further.

There was a revolt. The 15 eastern European countries that made up the Soviet Union declared and fought for their independence. The Soviet Union collapsed. America and the west has won the cold war.


  …Back to the strong man of Russia

Putin was with the SOVIET secret service (KGB) when the Soviet Union collapsed.

In 2005 he stated “The breakup of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the 20th century”

Putin has claimed that he does not want to revive the Soviet Union. But all the territories he is annexing are former Soviets now independents countries.

With a new Ally in the white house, European Union and NATO is preparing for a worst case scenario where they stand alone against Russia.

While they watch, wait & prepare for Vladimir Putin’s next move.

Hero or Villain one thing is clear.

Vladimir Putin is the hottest politician right now.





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