Who else thinks Olamide’s science student would snag best video of the year (see video again)

It’s just early march  and we can boldly say we have the African video of the year 2018.

We have seen good videos this year – Tiwa’s Sugar cane, Davido’s flavor my flawa; but olamide’s science student is “on point” and whoever wants to top this must think really hard.

The concept and creative direction is a first for a Nigerian music video

It’s a dark and creepy night, and Olamide’s truck breaks down leaving him and his friends stranded and abandoned in the middle of nowhere.  A night of adventure has just began.

They discover a run-down building, an “agbo” (herbs) seller leads them through the pathway into the building . It turns out to be a defunct science lab filled with knocked out junkies. They are all in various stages of drug induced high.  Some of them are stoned and knocked off; while some are still mixing portions with chemicals and serving each other.

All the formula they are using to mix their drug cocktails are written on the wall – serious science students.

The “Agbo” (herbs) seller is actually part of the team supplying ingredients for the drugs they mix. She offers Olamide a taste which he rejects after some hesitation.

Cut to the wall art which says no to drugs. (Smart move to pacify Nigerian broadcast cooperation)

The choreography and dance – also winning

The entire coordination of the dance using the stoned junkies (guys’ wey don high) in the science lab was brilliant. The girls pulling their wigs, the bare chested guys dancing in a towel, and even the cool steps of the drug mixers steps was simply hilarious

Then cut to scene 2- just beats and choreography, Michael Jackson thriller style using junkies in dis-cordinated outfits.

Summarily the song and video are in perfect sync- it’s a music story well told.  Hands down music video of the year.

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