Big brother Naija- 5 big stories, drama and scandals rocking the house

Love pairs in the house proved it was game over intimacy when they put up their partners for eviction.

In a shocking twist , Tobi who has been playing break up and makeup with Cee-C, put her up for eviction –He saved  team Bamco and replaced with Cee-C and Lolu. Nigerians went crazy with his decision. #Yoruba demons.

Alex also nominated Leo who she is apparently intimate with for possible eviction because he was a distraction to her. But while chatting with biggie in the diary session- she revealed she regrets her decision and hopes Nigerians would vote him to stay. ( Babe is confused)

Bam –Bam and Teddy A have been doing the deed in the toilet for a while now.

They only just got caught. Miracle has said that the condoms are disappearing and teddy A is using them. That video was proof that he was right.

They are probably not aware that they have been caught by the cameras so it’s likely they would do it again.

Their fans were really disappointed in them. Bam Bam painted a picture of a decent girl. Teddy A who has a baby mama outside the house stated that he was not going to sleep with Bam Bam to avoid ruining her brand. They seemed mature and responsible. So it was rather disappointing when they were caught having sex and of all places in the toilet.

Everyone seems to be fighting with someone-

First fight-  Leo versus Tobi …and Alex.  It started when  Tobi held Alex passionately in front of Leo who is supposed to be her boyfriend (At least in the house). Leo confronts Tobi, then breaks up with Alex. She cries the whole day. Fellow house mates attempts to console her.

Fight 2 – Leo versus Miracle …and Nina.  Leo was asking Nina if she thinks Miracle really likes her and basically other personal questions about their relationship. Miracle was not happy, he felt Leo was poisoning Nina mind against him. He confronted Leo and insisted it had to stop immediately.

Fight 3- was not really a huge fight, just uncomfortable silence between Tobi and Cece after he put her up for eviction. They did not speak to each other for two days keeping everyone around them on the edge. But two days ago, they stayed awake all night to hash things out.

  1. Nigerians low-key want Cece to remain in the house because she brings the drama;

There has been an anti Cee-C movement on twitter. Nigerians think she is a nag, badly behaved and totally unlikeable. So Ceelo is up for eviction, you would imaging that’s the opportunity to evict her right? (Wrong)


More voices are saying vote Ceelo (because of Lolu). Lies. Y’all want Cece to remain in the house.

 Big brother ‘s dance challenge brings sleepless nights to the house mates  The winner of the challenge would get an all-expense paid VVIP trip to attend the One Africa Music Fest in London.


How it works – Songs from a selected playlist can be played at any time, and all house teams must get up and dance to the tune. Any team that does not get up when the music plays has automatically lost out of the challenge. Any team that does not use a dance mat has also lost out; but the problem is there are not enough dance mats and the music can play at night even when its lights out and everyone is sleeping. It was simply hilarious watching house mates all laying guard to a dance mat which they are not allowed to touch.  Some were sleeping with one eye open.



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