Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom tower is set to topple Burj Kalifa as the world’s tallest building

Presently Dubai’s Burj Kalifa tower which measures 828 m and 2,717 ft tall holds the prestigious title of the world’s tallest tower.

Guinness World Records recognized the architectural masterpiece as the tallest building and tallest observation deck anywhere in the world.

Saudi Arabia taking a play book from Dubai invested over 1.2billion dollars to to build the Jeddah towers-

Standing at 3,280-feet, and 1,000-meter-tall the architectural master piece would perch proudly by the red sea and beacon the world into the Muslim nation

There will be 59 elevators made to move at a speed lower than ordinary lifts to avoid nausea due to the change in air pressure.

Constructing it will require about 5.7 million square feet of concrete and 80,000 tons of steel, according to the Saudi Gazette. Jeddah Tower will have the highest observatory deck and hanging balcony, about 652 meters above the sea level

Adrian Smith an award winning Architect designed both the Burj Kalifa and The Jeddah towers, he is  also known for his soaring structures in the US, South Korea, and China.

Creating towering and Iconic buildings are part of UAE countries plan to become a tourist have.

The towers are Iconic, visible, creates a sense of Public identity, increases tourism numbers, investment flows, and real estate valuation

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