The A.B.C of everything wrong with Nigeria

A for Anarchy:

I can do whatever I want, I don’t have to answer to anyone or any law

Anarchy is simply lawlessness, dis-organisation, Mayhem, Chaos. The English dictionary defines it as a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority or other controlling systems.

Signs of Anargy has been looming for years in Nigeria, but it’s finally here.  There is blood everywhere from Jos to Kaduna to Nassarawa and the Middle belt.

Anarchy in action;

  • An elected president can leave the country for months on medical treatment without giving his electorate details of his health status.
  • A Jamb clerk Philomena Chiesche from Maiduguri kept a straight face and told auditors that a snake swallowed 36million naira she was supposed to remit back to the agency. She claimed it was easier accounting for the money from a vault and not from the bank. Right now Nigerians have moved on from the story( Arsenal is playing badly)
  • It was also alleged that 70 million belonging to Northern Senators forum was swallowed by monkeys in Senator Adamu’s farm.
  • After all the twitter hashtags and anger with the Fulani herdsmen over the New Year killings, they are still winning; Just last week, The Fulani herdsmen armed with sophisticated weapons Invaded Mbatoho community, a suburb of Makurdi, on Monday and asked the villagers to leave quietly. Over 5000 people fled for their lives. The herdsmen are feeding themselves and cattle with stock from the villager’s barns and farms. The leader of the community, Mr John Terhemen reported this to the deputy Governor, It’s not quite a national emergency. This story did not make front page neither is it trending on twitter- business as usual.
  • Gwamba village in Adamawa state was also attacked very recently by the Fulani herdsmen. About 20 persons lost their lives, they claim it was a reprisal attack.

B for Buhari 

If we have to give our president Buhari a score card since he resumed office- he failed terribly on most fronts.

  • Buhari’s anti-corruption war so far is a sham. Reinstatement of fugitive Maina and Bachir Lawal his SGF who pilfered money meant for IDP is proof that the corruption war is selective.
  • He allowed a corrupt cabal to hijack his presidency;
  • The prices of food, fuel and basic cost of living is at an all-time high. Its three years into the Buhari administration, and we cannot continue to blame the past regime or government for the state of the economy.
  • Perhaps the worst strike against Buhari is his dealing with the Fulani Herdsmen. Cattle rearers that show up at night to burn down homes and kill people have not been declared a terrorist group. His obvious sympathy for the Fulani rearers who are from his Fulani tribe has emboldened them.

B is also for Bad news

  • That’s all the international community hear about Nigeria. If you ask any foreigner about the giant of Africa– they would remember us for any of the following
    • Boko Haram
    • Chibok girls/ Dapchi girls is gaining international coverage ( though with some fatigue)
    • Drugs and Peddling- Nigerians are always being executed abroad for pushing drugs
    • Slavery In Libya

Definitely a no- no for international investors

C for corruption;

Whatever bright ideas and great plans we have to move the country forward, it would need to go through a governmental agency, ministers, DG(s) and other top governmental teams to execute it.

The problem is, resources allocated to achieve our bright ideas get pilfered along the way. Even relief materials for Victims of flooding and insurgency are not spared

Incase you need a memory jogger;

  • Dasuki 2.1billion arms fraud
  • Patience Jonathan and bola Shagaya use NGO to launder 3.3billion dollars
  • 44million missing from NIA immediately after the agency recruited new boss Rufai Ahmed Abubakar
  • Two days ago Sahara reporters traced two London properties valued at 4 million Euros to the Deputy Senate president Ike Ekweremadu
  • EFCC has recently alleged that Femi Fani Kayode spent 840 million in 6 months
  • Remember former SGF Babachir lawal who was fired for contract fraud- he awarded 270million to cut grass at IDP and 190million was allocated to Nigerian IDP(s) living in Cameron
  • 9billion contract fraud by Alex badeh former security chief
  • Stella Oduah – Still to answer to EFCC over 9.4billion dollar contract scam she gave out when she held sway as minster for Aviation.
  • Maina and 1billion pension funds- he was even reinstated back into public service until Nigerians cried foul.
  • Kogi state Governor builds a palace after owing workers 11 months of salary.

Summarily, thats how i would describe our country’s  Problems in A.B.C. what about you?

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