Shhh! 7 Shocking things no one is saying about MKO Abiola & June 12- (The dark side)

Hey guys, I wrote this piece some years back- good read

If allegations of corruptions against him are true- he is both saint and sinner

He was alleged to have corruptly enriched himself – he was worth over 2 billion dollars, but he gave all his money away without thinking much of it- He built schools, churches, gave scholarships, a lover of people he wanted to improve the life of people around him.

But there is a dark side that is muted, A dark side that played out all the way into June 12

1) There was massive corruption when he headed Nigeria’s telecom sector

He was also chairman and chief executive officer of ITT Nigeria, Ltd.
(The International Telephone and Telegraph) from 1972 through 1988 (I.T.T), his detractors claimed that while he was in charge, Nigeria’s telecommunications was a Mess because he used inferior materials and kept the extra profits for himself

This inspired Fela Kuti to sing a diss track directed at him international thief thief- also abbreviated (I.T.T)

2) He was very close to the army-its alleged he even sponsored some coup plots-

In 1979 its alleged he was part of the Cabal that stopped Obafemi Awolowo from becoming president, rather assisting Shehu Shagari to become president for selfish gains. In 1985, its alleged that Chief MKO Abiola sponsored a coup led by IBB that ousted General Muhammadu Buhari from office.

3) Before June 12, Abiola and IBB were good friends, until the elections drove a wedge into their relationship.

In fact, MKO said, in his lifetime, that it was Babangida who first mooted the idea of running for the presidency to him. He raised the idea with him during the burial of his first wife, Simbiat, in Lagos in 1992. Abiola would later regret trusting Babangida while in Abacha’s gulag by saying:

” I believed in a friend. I trusted a friend and he betrayed me.

MKO Abiola

4) The SDP “primaries” was somewhat rigged in favor of Abiola

During the SDP primaries, Former presidential aspirant of the PDP Alhaji Atiku Abubakar contested alongside MKO and Babagana Kingibe but Babangida wielded his big stick and Atiku and Kingibe dropped their campaigns and supported Abiola

5) IBB was afraid the military will kill him, hence he annulled the election

The main presidential election in June 12 was the simplest, freest and fairest election ever held in Nigeria history- The election was a two-horse race in which MKO of the Social Democratic Party(SDP) squared up to Bashir Tofa of the National  Republican Convention (NRC). Abiola’s won.

The military made it clear they did not want Abiola as president and threatened to kill both Abiola and IBB if an inauguration ever took place .

6) Its alleged that the international community did not want MKO Abiola in power and offered him no support

He fled to seek international support from the UK but he got none The British government was so emphatic that he must not declare himself as President there and must not form a government in exile or else he will be deported.

7) According to Tony Anenih, It was Abiola who entered an agreement with Abacha to overthrow Ernest Shonekan

MKO expected Abacha to hand over to him shortly after but that did not happen, he returned from exile in the UK but Abacha did not hand over.

At The Etepedo declaration MKO declared a parallel government, hence he was arrested for treason.

Presently we are preparing the blow by blow details of how he was killed, but we need to fact check and get all the details right. expect an another update on June 12 shortly

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