P. Diddy’s side chick tells all- physical, emotional abuse + abortions (watch videos)

No its not Cassie her name is Gina V Huynh, He actually cheated with her while still dating Cassie. She is an Instagram model / slay queen. Gina stuck around with Diddy for almost 5 years waiting for Diddy to break up with Cassie. but when they eventually split up, he did not make things official with her , Infact he dumped her

I can’t tell if she is really hurt by him or just trying to get famous but she sat down for a tell on interview with controversial YouTuber Tasha K – and her story isn,’t pretty – watch

According to Gina, their relationship was never official but they just grew steady, she has met his family and kids. She alleged she had two abortions for him, and on both occasions, he showered dollars at her to get rid of the baby, but did not cater to her needs emotionally.

She also mentioned that Cassie wanted her to back out and leave her man alone, but at the end of the day they both held on to their positions. Gina claimed that Diddy was occasionally verbally and physically abusive, constantly calling her a hoe, On multiple occasions, he shoved her around and things got physical anytime he suspected she was cheating.

He was seeing a lot of other women including Lori Harvey and his kids nanny, but anytime she confronted him he asked – what do you expect, you dating a superstar.

Gina Huynh has previously been connected to Floyd Mayweather

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