In the spirit of June 12- Who remembers MKO Abiola’s campaign jingle- (watch)

I must have been about 9 years old during the time before the 1993 elections, it was such an exciting period, the energy was different- especially during the late night news.

I Vaguely remember the animated discussions my parents had with themselves and with family friends- the verdict was clear MKO was the man, and to us he was a hero ( I mean, we agreed with everyone else).

I remember Bashir Tofa as a mean faced fair guy – When his jingle played during the late night news, my childish mind remembered a loser, – no one seems to like him, neither did I. But MKO ‘s jingle played it was magic. We sang word, for word and danced to the tune.

Its amazing how our brain stores memories in some archives, its 26 years later and i still remember every word…

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