Spanish policemen walk in a cordoned off area after a van ploughed into the crowd, killing 13 persons and injuring over 80 on the Rambla in Barcelona on August 17, 2017. A driver deliberately rammed a van into a crowd on Barcelona's most popular street on August 17, 2017 killing at least 13 people before fleeing to a nearby bar, police said. Officers in Spain's second-largest city said the ramming on Las Ramblas was a "terrorist attack". / AFP PHOTO / PAU BARRENAPAU BARRENA/AFP/Getty Images

Jihadist Terror now has a new weapon; not bombs or artillery but cars. Two tragic attacks were carried out in Barcelona, Spain using vans. Here is what we know so far;

Wednesday, 16th August

  • There was a huge explosion on a house 120 miles south of Barcelona. Two people were discovered among the rubble; one dead and the other taken to hospital in a critical condition. According to the police, there was accumulation of gas in the home that generated the explosion.
  • This incident has now been connected to the Barcelona van attack, but it’s not clear how. Police are now suspecting those in the house were “preparing an explosive device.”

Thursday 17th August; 5 p.m. local time (11 a.m. ET)

  • A white van with blue markings accelerated into scores of people enjoying a late afternoon stroll on Las Ramblas, a predominantly pedestrian zone in the heart of the Barcelona Killing 13 people and injuring at least 100.
  • This location is one of Barcelona’s most visited sites and boasts a number of cafes, bars, street performers and entertainment. Families were hanging out and enjoying themselves.
  • After ramming into people, van drove for 500 meters before coming to a stop , the driver opened the door and escaped.
  • The truck driver has been identified as Moussa Oukabir and he is still at large

Thursday evening, 2nd incident;

  • A car drove through a police checkpoint on the outskirts of Barcelona, running over two officers. The car was later found with the owner stabbed to death in the passenger seat
  • The two officers suffered minor injuries but did not require hospitalization, according to police. It was unclear whether that incident was related to the terror attack.

Friday 1 am ; Cambrils coast, Spain

  • An Audi A3 car rammed into people on the seaside promenade of the tourist city 74 miles south of Barcelona.
  • One woman was killed and six civilians and one armed police were injured.  A single police officer killed four of the suspects.


Death toll;

  • By Thursday evening, Catalan Minister of  Interior Joaquin Forn said 13 people had died from the combined attacks at Cambril and Las Rambas Barcelona . At least 100 people were injured, with 15 of them in serious condition. One person died today bringing the death toll to 15 people
  • Local officials have said the number of dead is “bound to rise.”
  • The victims came from at least 24 countries, the Catalonia government said in a statement Friday. An American, Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom, etc.


Who is responsible for this attack?

  • Islamic State has said it is behind the Barcelona attack, according to the Amaq news agency. They have hailed their Jihadi soldiers.
  • Police have made four arrests over the two linked terror attacks in Spain. – Three of the attackers who were killed were Moroccan nationals and one was from Spain.
  • The Barcelona van driver  identified as Moussa Oukabir is still at large


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