I don port o!- Epic throw back & how MTN ported Saka

Look, you guys I came accross this video on YouTube, and I need you to laugh with me abeg . Who remembers the moment Saka “port” from Etisalat to MTN

Lets rewind a bit

Telecommunication networks in Nigeria were in a stiff competition: MTN, Etisalat, GLO went neck to neck with promos, discount rates and strategic advertising campaigns. The only thing they did not do was throw punches, but the threw jibes at each other in their ads.

Ethics flew out of the window as every network battled to increase their subscriber base. In this ad below, popular Etisalat mascot Hafiz Ayetoro AKA saka throws a subtle jibe at MTN

The day of reckoning came for all the networks came in 2013;

Nigerian communication commission (NCC) announced a mobile number portability; That means you can take your number and move to any network, MTN was most likely to take a hit.

But someone had a plan….

Chuka Obi, Creative Manager of DDB – A Nigerian Advertising Agency managing the MTN account had a plan, the only problem with his plan was how much it will cost to get Hafiz Ayetoro to break his contract with Etisalat

Wait, there was actually no contract…

Chuka Obi speaking with the Guardian actually revealed that Etisalat did not give Hafiz Ayetoro a proper contract because he did not fit the image of a premium brand, they used him to create a mass market appeal, nothing serious.

Well MTN raised his pay, signed him to a multi year contract deal… the rest is history

But MTN did not stop there, they decided to bury Etisalat with the Kirikata dance challenge encouraging consumers to create their own moves.

Nice one!

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