China is ruling the world – they called all the shots at the WHO Health Assembly

We live in China’s world…At least for now. The just concluded WHO Health Assembly is proof of that

Every year, delegates from all 194 Member States that make up WHO gather to agree the Organization’s priorities, leadership, and budgets.

with the Corona Virus pandemic still raging, this year’s WHO assembly is critical, but guess who is calling all the shots – CHINA , this is despite the fact that they covered up a deadly virus.

China refused Taiwan’s admission to the WHO assembly as an observer

China and Taiwan has a history, but to cut long stories short, China says Taiwan is part of China, Taiwan says they are an independent country.

So China used its power status to start a one China policy stopping countries and organisation from recognizing Taiwan as an independent country….because its part of China

Well all that changes after Covid19, and Taiwan’s amazing response to corona virus having only reported 440 cases and 7 deaths thanks to early detection and prevention work..

Taiwan also assisted other countries with materials and supplies to fight Covid19

Taiwan was hoping to show up as an observer and share its strategy to fight the pandemic, even the United States & several other countries backed Taipei, but China said no and put pressure on WHO and so… Taiwan stayed out

China hijacked the inquiry into the Wuhan virus

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been the lone voice calling for an independent inquiry into the Wuhan Virus, this resulted in threats from China. China threatened to decimate his country’s economy unless the inquiry initiative is dropped.

China has already started punishing Australia for calling for this inquiry with a trade war and Australia is on the loosing side

But in a sudden twist, many countries are now backing the inquiry, at first it was about 60, but the number is climbing, over 100 countries including African nations are calling for investigations.

List below for details of the inquiry-(long read)


But China hijacked the entire process easily

China claimed it is open to an inquiry after the Pandemic is over, and the WHO should lead the inquiry (WHO is pro-China, so go figure) Its like asking the thief to investigate the crime.

Chinese president XI jinping gave the opening address

He gave the sort of leadership that America previously occupied – He was allowed to speak first and open the WHO Health Assembly on day 1

He pledged 2 billion dollars, called for coordinated efforts , support for Africa, strengthen international cooperation- and all that diplomatic stuff

The game of Chess is still on going- companies are trying to move from China, the United States plan to slap some economic sanctions on Beijing for lying about the Virus.

Irrespective, today China hold’s all the cards, and while American politicians continue to bicker and fight, China will keep consolidating its super power status. We live in China’s world

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