Let’s talk hot people:  She is 74, still the Bestselling female musician in history and just made another #1 hit album.

Her name is Barbra Streisand; one of the greatest living legends on stage, television, in motion pictures, as well as a recording artist. Her big break came in 1963 when she was signed by Columbia records. she went ahead to record the Barbra Streisand album which won a Grammy for both album of the year and best female vocal; A star was born.

She used her vocal skills as a mere stepping stone to other careers, as a stage and film actress and as a film director  and along the way, she picked up 2 Oscars, 5 Golden globes, 3 Emmy awards, a lifetime achievement award… just to mention a few.

unlike other legends Madonna, Dolly parton, she is not in your face she is demure, very uncontroversial and almost invisible  but she has more hits and awards both in music, film, and broadway making her an all round entertainer.

Barbra Streisand’s  latest album, “encore: movie partners sing Broadway” was released in Aug.26 2016 and has made #1 in the USA, UK and Australia. hence she has broken her own record for the most albums to reach number one as a female artist.

Her unique new album is a broadway performance of classics like sound of music and her own tracks. its music, theatrical , full of emotional performances. To achieve this she partnered with popular actors like Hugh Jackman, Jamie fox , Antonio Banderas Anne Hathaway, Alec Baldwin and a host of others . She was the musical director and performer.  she is set to  bring her legendary live performance to tour in 9 cities.

Over 50 years in the industry, still relevant, still making hits…..we say blazing hot!~




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