Davido: Running away from his family & the battle to live his dream- the inside story like never been told


How hard have you fought the obstacles in the path of your ambitions-?

In 2011, Davido threw his sim card away and hopped on a plane to London, damning his entire family. As his powerful father searched for him and threatened him with the police, he was putting his voice to a demo track he created and negotiating to have Naeto- C as a rapper on it.

“Not everyone wants their child or family member to be a musician, so I had to make the music myself. I had to proof to them that I can make a living from doing music”– Davido to channels TV, 2012

The making of the Davido we know now was a long, hard-fought and somewhat lonely Journey

Davido made music all through his teenage years (secondary school)

“I would say am a musician, and we do it all -I compose music, I write music, I sing, I can rap if I want to, I do everything. The years I was doing music in my room at home nobody knew they were my sounds, they just heard music coming from my room”. – Interview with Channels TV

Davido was   Born in Atlanta, raised in Naija, and back again to Atlanta during the summer holiday- a fine mix of Nigerian Vibes tinged with American culture.

He grew up under the watchful eye of his billionaire Nigerian dad, the typical ones – go to school, score good grades and then work in my company (Sounds like a plan)

Davido goes to college – Oak wood University Alabama

He was 15 years old, his father dropped him off with his passport, $2,000 cash, and freshman registration documents

The sounds of music

While at school in Alabama, Davido met some Jamaicans that reignited his passion. He was attracted to them because of the constant booming noise emanating from their room

It turned out that the Jamaican students had a recording studio  just above him, they were into gospel music but they taught him more about how to work his way around sound engineering. His passion reignited, he bought some studio equipment(s) and started creating music with the Jamaicans

Nigerian music scene was also exploding at that time

And Davido was savoring every bit of it, he would ask his cousin to send him the latest releases from Nigeria- Dbanj, P-Square and 2 face were the biggest names in the industry  and his Jamaican friends loved it

A “FOMO” Attack…. Fear of missing out

When he got back home  during the Christmas break,  he asked his dad if he could stay back and pursue his music ambition, but Chief Adeleke insisted he had to finish school first .

Before he returned to school, he met D’banj, Naeto C and a host of other artists through his cousin an upcoming artist with a trove of industry contacts

2011- Davido on the beat- he attempted to launch his career as a producer

Davido spent most of his time making beats for artist in Nigeria, and sending the beats through his cousin who was well connected in the industry.

His school grades at  Oakland University slipped, and after three semesters, he dropped out and left Alabama without telling his father. First he went to Atlanta- and the life was music, women, strip clubs and parties.

The power of now-

With his father hot on his tails, everyone was looking for him, he threw out his SIM card and hopped on a plane to London, where he went MIA for several months as he shifted his focus from production to singing (vocals)

He did a demo track for his cousin, but he did not use it, He ended up putting his voice on it and getting Neato – C to do the rap, and then he dropped it

Davido featuring Naeto C – Back when

Davido quietly flew back to Nigeria without informing his father and started doing small club appearances trying to promote the very first single he produced himself. He was just  16 years old.

“I was in London at that time, friends rang me up telling me my record is doing well in the clubs, so I got back home to Nigeria.  I went to the club that night, they played my song and everybody went crazy – I thought I was dreaming –  Interview with beat 1 radio

But his father insisted he stayed in school

At about the time his first hit was blowing up, his father finally had him arrested. They reached a compromise that he would stay in school and shelf his music dreams until he has honored his father and finished his study

Davido was enrolled into Babcock University 2 hours away from Lagos, but he would sneak out of  school to attend  club gigs and shows- This enraged his father  when he found out.

I remember my first major show, I was upstairs in the green room about to come in for a performance, then I looked down and saw like over 50 policemen, I ran away- I scaled the fence and ran away- my father had everyone arrested my girlfriend, promoter, road manager” – Interview with the breakfast Club.

Don’t stop me I am the son of a rich man (Damiduro);

A star was officially born. The music he recorded on the run from his dad and fighting for his passion exploded him into the limelight.

It became very difficult to go back to school because of the way people reacted to him. Then the brand endorsement deals followed, in millions of Naira. Davido at 17 had proved himself to his family

A final compromise between father & son – A music department for a class of one

Davido did not want to study business administration, so his father promptly built a music department in Babcock University – Davido was enrolled on a part-time basis as the first and only student of the music department in 2012.

Already established is that he wasn’t your average student. so a flexible study arrangement was made for him.

Everyone wins- Davido does his music, while daddy has his degree

Davido started Babcock as a growing musician with two hit songs, his father was still uncertain of the future that lay ahead for his son hence insisted he finished school. He graduated in 2015  as a king, former State Governors, traditional rulers and music industry moguls graced his graduation which made headlines across the country

In summary, Davido saw an opportunity in the burgeoning music industry and jumped on it – he fought the obstacles on the way (including his father) but most importantly he stayed focused in-spite of the negative trappings that come with being in music at such a young age.  #inspired

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