Meet the “Cushitic” Africans Who insists they are not blacks

The Horn Of Africa…

At the tip of Eastern Africa, After Tanzania, Kenya & Uganda are the countries known as the “Horn of Africa”. The countries that fall under this category include- Somalis, Ethiopians, Eritreans, Northern Sudan, and Southern Egypt

These countries in the Horn of Africa refer to themselves as the CUSHITES or CUSHITIC .

They share very close boundaries with Arabian Nations – Oman, Saudi & Yemen. They have very distinct feature: ladies and men are colored in all shades of chocolate milk and adorned with curly or straight hair

Ethiopia is the largest country in the Horn of Africa and largest population of Cushitic people. Inspite of proximity to Arabs, they are mostly Christians

Cushitic people in Northern Sudan and Southern Egypt are called Nubians

A Cushitic Nubian wedding

Many other smaller nations in the Horn of Africa – especially Somalia are largely influenced by the Arabs so they mostly practice Islam.

Question is, are they mixed because Arabians in the region intermarried with blacks?

Within the East African bloc, there are blacks that are called “Nilotics” they are very tall, slender and Elegant. Some historians suggests that Arabs intermarried with these elegant black Nilotics and thats why the Cushites in the horn of Africans are mixed.

But such a suggestion is the easiest way to piss off a Cushitic African

Many hate to be called blacks or Arabs. According to them, the Cushitic race existed thousands of years in the Horn of Africa- they have always naturally been colored.


There are historical evidence that the Cushites existed long before slavery and colonization.

The Cushites have many tribes and one of them are the “Nubian Cushites”. The Nubian cushites with dark skin but curly hair set up their empire around the Nile river in Southern Egypt and Northern Sudan. They were called the KINGDOM OF KUSH and they built many pyramids and ancient architectural pieces even before Egypt.

The Kingdom of Kush existed for thousands of years alongside the Ancient Egyptians and their Pharaohs, Between the Nubian Cushites and the Egyptians, there were many trades but also many battles- but the Egyptian finally defeated Kingdom of KUSH in Southern Egypt and took over the Nile river.

The image below shows ancient Egyptians and Cushite Nubians fighting or trading side by side

Like the Egyptians, there were many bible references linked to the Cushites

It is believed that Ethiopians are a descendants of HAM son of NOAH . HAM means sunburnt or hot.

An account recorded in Genesis 9:20-27 indicates that HAM was cursed by his father Noah after the flood for laughing at his nakedness. The sons of Ham are the Cushites, Egypt, Put, and Canaan.

Number 12 1- 10 Moses married a Cushite woman
Other mentions of Cushites in the bible
Another tribe of Cushites ended the reign of kingdom of KUSH- A new Kingdom- “AKSUM EMPIRE” became powerful and lay the foundation for the Modern day countries of Cushites which can be found in Northern Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia with Majority in Ethiopia- the Largest country in the Horn of Africa.

Ethiopia is the only country in Africa that was never colonized, they have an organised civilization so were able to fight off Italian colonizers in two separate battles

The Cushites have many colors and tribes, the Nubians are some of the darkest cushites in Modern history

The Cushites that intermarried with Arabs who crossed the red sea to trade are extremely beautiful – their descendants are called (Cushite Herbesha) meaning someone of mixed breed.

Some people in the Cushitic race have an identity crisis, especially when they travel abroad. In America and the UK, they are generally seen as Black.

Because they are not black enough or white enough they just call themselves Cushitic or cushites.

There is anti-blackness in the Horn of Africa – colorism, featurism, and hair texturism.

Some use racial slurs-“Jaheer” when referring to black people

In 2009 all hell broken loose when a black Ethiopian from the southern part- Gambella, won miss Ethiopia, many were enraged she did not meet the beauty standard.

In Somalia there is extreme levels of racism aganist black Somalia(s) of Bantu origin residing in the Southern border with Kenya.

Some cushites can be racist, but I sort of agree with the position that they are not blacks.

I dont believe any Africa should be defined by color- we are a Negroid race, Just like we have Caucasians.

If all Africans are termed blacks, what does that make black Indians and Sri Lanka? The term black is almost a racist blanket term colonizers used because they could not tell Bantu apart from Nilotic tribes and vice versa- think about it though- (story for another day) X

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