#Throwback- Was 2pac a Legend or a Gangster- 5 tracks that tell his true story.

Who is 2pac exactly?

For many, it seems an easy question to answer- the greatest Rapper that have ever lived. But he has also been defined by many controversial scandals that make one wonder where he got the heart to deliver such poetic music.

Whoever gunned him down at a traffic red light stop in Las Vegas stripped the world of an opportunity to see what would become of the most double sided figure in hip hop history. Would he have changed the face of the game and lifted up the black race in a positive way? How would his story have ended if he were still alive today?

On the Negative side , he is the face of the greatest beef in hip-hop history- the East-coast/west coast beef. He released one of the greatest and expletive ridden hip-hop diss tracks of all times “Hit-em-up” directed at his arch enemy Biggie

As quoted in the diss track – You claim to be a player but I f**ed your wife now he said that out to the world not considering how biggie’s said wife Faith Evans would feel about it – be it true or false.

Like most rappers in the past 2pac has also been a drug dealer getting into trouble with law enforcement. But the most damning and negative story on him was that when he was a star at 23 years old he was accused of sexual assault – Allowing his friends to gang rape a groupie named Ayanna Jackson when she visited him( Allegedly) though the evidence against him is so strong – watch her confession

But if you look beyond the rap battles, the gansta life, the diss tracks and the thug life – There is a poet with a message for the black race, for America, for women and for the government.

His lyrics tell real stories about the lives of ordinary black people. Guys he writes his song himself- and if you listen to his lyrics, you will be forced to think.

The artist that wrote and rapped the track Changes did not sound like no thug or gangsta, he was a history maker- penning down police brutality, racism, black lives, forgiveness love and life lessons in one song

Where was the gangsta and thug when he wrote “Brenda had a baby”-? The song was a true story about everything – Incest, prostitution, murder and rape . An incredible story made to teach and inspire change

What was he thinking when he empowered women with a feminist anthemKeep your head up . He has been previously accused of flashing his balls at women, but in the music below he sounds like he has the utmost respect for women

See excerpt from the song below

Time to heal our women, be real to our women And if we don’t we’ll have a race of babies That will hate the ladies, that make the babies And since a man can’t make one He has no right to tell a woman when and where to create one

2pac, (Keep your head up )

What kind of gangsta sits down and Pens a love letter to his mother – in great details, at a time in hiphop when the appearance of a tough guy was the best selling image for a hiphop act

I can only conclude that there was someone right there with an identity crisis. Only if one bullet had missed that night on the Las Vegas strip – may be we would have lived to see more of his great music and probably figure out who exactly he is. He would have been 48 years old today.

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