Who is running Nigeria now? president, cabals all alleged to be sick-(leaked audio)

Lets start with the confirmed stories and then move on to the rumors

The seat of power Aso rock is infested with COVID19 Virus, Abba Kyari like we already know is confirmed positive and presently receiving treatment in Lagos. Punch recently reported that his hospital in London has sent in details of his medical records

The Vice president Yemi Osibanjo has tested negative, but has gone into self isolation for 14 days

Confirmed reports indicate that sterilization is presently ongoing on the grounds of Aso rock.

Jalal Arabi the Aso rock Permanent secretary and few others loyal to Abba Kyari has been deployed away from Aso rock- this redeployment is confirmed even though rumors suggests it was orchestrated by Aisha Buhari who is now fully in charge

Now lets deal with rumors-

The first rumor is that the president is actually positive of Covid19, including other members of the cabal like Maman Daura

even though reports stated that the president is negative, members of the economic advisory council have all gone into self isolation

The second rumor swirling around is that they have sneaked abroad at night for treatment- see leaked audio for more details

With Osibanjo in Isolation, Abba Kyari the defacto president sick, Buhari’s status unclear and politics being played in Aso rock, we begin to wonder who is running the country at these trying times.

Nigeria is literally like a ship sailing without a captain- If the president is truly negative, he must address us!

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