White only settlement- Inside the NO BLACKS ALLOWED community in South Africa

In the Northern cape of south Africa by the banks of a beautiful orange river lies a white only community built on 8,000 hectares of private farm called Orania

There are no high-rise buildings or factories. Children run barefoot between small prefabricated homes.

There are no black housekeepers or labour providers allowed into the vicinity, the residents get their hands dirty and  do almost everything by themselves with as  little help as possible comes the south African government

A country in a country?

The Orania community has everything that makes a country, it has shops, schools, its own flag & currency- “The Ora” which is pegged to the South African Rand.

They dont have a sign board that says no blacks allowed – its just an unspoken agreement, its for Afrikaners only and blacks are not Afrikaners

Orania is run by a council of 12 which is elected on an annual basis by the “Oranians”

You have to be Afrikaans or be willing to assimilate their culture to be allowed to join the community… There is a vetting process and background checks that will take place before anyone can be allowed to move in

What do they say to people who call them racist?

They argue that Orania is the best way of preserving the Afrikaner culture and language and offers a safe sanctuary from crime-ridden neighborhoods.

They maintain that every Afrikaner is welcome to the enclave, but unfortunately, blacks are not Afrikaans

Many white south Africans reacted when they lost power

Before Nelson Mandela came into power in 1994, the Afrikaners and white South Africans feared many things including; reprisals, mismanagement, corruption and downgrade of the country and its institutions.

As a result Many whites in South Africa  have either moved to their roots in Netherlands, Australia or moved to inner suburbs where they feel relatively safer. A few have formed white only enclaves disguised as community preservation

And South Africa government’s take on this?  

Orania’s existence is protected under article 235 of the South African Constitution which ensures right to self-determination.The legislation was adopted after the end of apartheid, following years of fighting against the system of separate homelands for native blacks.

Orania community still keeps Apartheid era statues and flags

At the entrance of the Oranian town, a statue of Hendrik Verwoerd, the man who scripted the apartheid guidelines, stands proudly among other prominent icons of the old South Africa.

Infact, the president of the Oranian community is the grandson of Verwoerd who scripted the Apartheid guidelines

The town’s flag – with blue, white and orange colors is similar to the old Apartheid flag

Well, Racism seems to have a thriving community in South Africa…

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