G7 summit top 7 hilarious stories+ world leaders admire Paul Kagame

1) An American journalist Called the President of South-Africa- “Cyril Ramaphosa an unidentified world leader- thankfully she was not white, everyone would have screamed Racism

2) Nigerians are insulting president Buhari for Jetting off to Yokohama Japan, while the president of Japan was at the G7 summit.  

The Nigerian president was in Japan to attend the Japan-African summit, he was there a bit earlier than other African leaders who were attending the G7 summit and Nigerians trolled him that he arrived early enough to eat Japanese noodles in chopsticks

3) Donald Trump embarrassed America by using the G7 as an opportunity to sell his golf resort in Miami- he invited world leaders to host the next G7 in his Miami resort.

4) On a more serious note, we cannot be more proud of Paul Kagame- he had the attention of world leaders anytime he spoke

5) He president of Brazil Bosonaro’- (a non -G7 country) insulted Emmanuel Macron’s wife calling her old.

It all started when Emmanuel Macron scolded the Brazilian president for not treating the wild fires urgently. The French president was so upset he threatened to block the approval of a free trade deal between the EU & Brazil until the Amazon fires burning in Brazil were stopped.

Things became even more personal when the Brazilian president like a social media post where his supporter insulted Brigitte Macron calling her old- Macron did not like that and called him out at the G7 meeting

6) Donald Trump thinks Climate change issues is one huge joke, so he avoided the meeting claiming he was in another meeting-( He wasn’t)

7) The air-kiss between Justin Trudeau and Melania Trump sparked off an internet meme that was not very kind.

The 2019 G7 summit will be the first in the organization’s history to not issue a joint agreement, also called the joint communique. The Washington Post reported that France has given up on drafting a joint statement for this year’s summit, given how far the U.S. has drifted from the rest of the world leaders on a number of issues

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