Israel’s six day war- How the Jewish state defeated six Arab countries in Six days


Unconfirmed statements regarding the State of Israel have been credited to the Nigerian Information minister Lai Mohammed, according to sources he threatened harsh actions on Israel if Nnamdi Kanu the Biafra leader is not released to the Nigerian Government (he was spotted in Israel recently)

This is most likely fake news because the statement has not been confirmed or denied but twitter users are having a field day taunting him for it.



Its inspired me to relieve the story of the six day war that stunned the entire world, in 1967 , Israel defeated the combined forces of Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Palestine in just 6 days with superior military intelligence

Why is Israel an enemy to the Arab nations?


After Hitler roasted millions of Israelis in a gas chamber during world 2, they became a nation ready to survive at whatever cost.

They left Europe and returned home to their ancestral land – Jerusalem, at that time it was occupied by just very few Israelis and Palestine Arabs.

Mass return of Israelis created tensions with the Arabs who also called Jerusalem home. To prevent escalation of conflict- the United Nations divided the land between the returning Jews and the Arabs- (A two state solution)

Palestine rejected the two state solution and went to war- Israel won

20 years later of on and off tensions

Though Israel had won the war and a cease fire was agreed, tensions remained. All the Arabian countries in the area hated the fact that a Jewish nation came to live among them.

Israel was surrounded by enemies on all sides-Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Arab Palestine and Jordan. Constant skirmishes and  riots always occurred between the Jewish state of Israel and its Arab neighbors.

Drums of war- United Arab forces against Israel

Egyptian president Nasser ordered UN peace keepers out of the Middle East, then Egypt and Syria blocked Israeli shipping waterway-The Traits of Tehran.

The Israelis watched as Egyptian soldiers marched forward and Syrian army joined them, Jordan King Hussein army also joined their command structure.

Nasser of Egypt in a show of force held a press conference calling for the total destruction of Israel – Kuwait, Morocco,  Saudi Arabia-  almost every Muslim nation pledged their army.

Another Holocaust? Israel had been preparing for this moment, but they were worried.

Prime Minister did not want to go to war- he asked United States for help to unblock their shipping line- but America declined to get involved. They were outnumbered and surrounded- Israel prepared for the worst

People dug their mass graves, gave blood prepared for mass burials. Young Jewish volunteers poured into Israel to join the army, or volunteer in the hospitals

Six Day War, Yitzhak Rabin (left), Moshe Dayan, Uzi Narkis (right), entering in Jerusalem, Israel, June 1967

General Ariel Sharon division commander Israeli military 1967: The problem is not the straits of Tehran, the problem is the existence of the state of Israel

Israeli political parties Hawks and Doves united and formed a unity cabinet,  on the 4th of June 1967,  they listened to 7 hours of military briefing. Israeli Prime Minister Eshkol was authorized to go to war.

“It is therefore decided to launch a military strike aimed at protecting Israel from encirclement and to prevent an impending assault from the United Arab command” -Israel minister of Defense 1967, General Moshe Dayan

 June 5th 1967- Israel strikes first – The eight minutes per strike

Through military drills, they learnt to turn a flight around in eight minutes. They rehearsed this move for eight years just incase

Strike – refuel- rearmed- pre-flight- and strike again = all in 8 minutes

7:45 am Israeli time, 8:00 am  Egyptian time:

Battle loaded Israeli air-force fly towards Egypt –  The objective is to catch them at breakfast time in a simultaneous attack on their military bases.

  • Disable the runways to prevent escape.
  • Then take out individual planes
  • As Egyptian air force are fueling their flight to respond to the Israeli assault, Strike them while they are on the ground.
  • Israelis mirage interceptors waited for any Egyptian plane that would take off and destroyed it mid air

At about 11: 30 Egyptian time, 250 Egyptian air crafts had been destroyed and about 300 air pilots killed…Israel had lost only 19 air crafts – 3 to enemy action

After grounding the air force of the Arab forces, Israel had established air superiority. Their enemies could only fight on the ground. Only Israel still had air-power.

They attacked only Egypt the strongest enemy and defended against Jordan and Syria

Israel implanted moles into Egypt and other Arabian territories.

These moles gave away the battle formation of the Arab coalition, the locations were they would dig their trenches and other vital information.

Israeli intelligence grounded the communication systems of the Arab forces

As a result, Control room commanders of the Arab forces did not know what was happening in the field which resulted in confusion- Arab military structures on the ground began to fall apart

The battle with Jordan for Jerusalem was the strongest of all battles- but Israel emerged victorious.Israeli lost only 550 men, Jordan lost 6,000 men

After the six day war- Israel gained more territory, The Israelis expanded their territory dramatically, capturing the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, the Golan Heights from Syria and the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan. They later exchanged Mount Sinai in exchange for peace to Egypt, but they have held onto Golan Heights. The territories they won is still disputed till this very day.

Now my story is over, what exactly is Nnamdi Kanu doing in Israel, getting Mossad training? (asking for a friend)

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