Why Kylie Jenner wants to quit Keeping up with the Kardashians

This Rumor was started by Radar online; it would not be the first time a member of the famous family is rumored to be leaving the show, but this time we think it may be valid:

Kylie Jenner is a billionaire right now- her salary with keeping up with the Kardashians is merely peanuts.

According to CNBC.com Kylie Jenner makes about 1million dollars per paid Instagram post making her the highest paid celebrity on Instagram (above Sister Kim & Beyoncé). That’s excluding the fact her make up company is almost worth a billion dollars- the time & effort required for the show may not be worth it for her.

She seemed a bit private lately


In fact she proved that it’s actually possible to be a celebrity in Hollywood and keep everything away from the press- She went MIA when she was pregnant, nobody knew when she gave birth, she only announced it when she was ready. There was no leaked footages through hospital visits and child birth

She barely made an appearance in KUWTK season 15 currently being aired.

She is clearly busy in a committed relationship – she follows her boyfriend on tour sometimes and then she has her baby Stormi & still needs to attend to her billion dollar empire #busychick

It’s reported her mum Kris desperately want to keep her in the show – it’s the show that made her who she is right now- what do you all think?

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