Wizkid’s third baby mama Jada Pollock is unhappy with the fever video (watch)


Wizkid and Tiwa has made it to Twitter’s Worldwide trends thanks to Fever’s video (watch below):

We know Jada Pollock his third baby Mama and Manager is clearly unhappy with the video and probably did not approve of it- here’s why

Her entire world on Instagram revolves around his career. she is either promoting his latest album or street wear and concerts

She promoted his “Fever” audio when it was released, but in the days leading up to the debut of the video…she was uncharacteristically silent. rather she posted a series of cryptic posts that suggested she may have been unhappy about something
October 14- She uploaded a post-“Drink red-bull and mind your business”
In October 15- She uploaded another post – “When you really pay attention everything is your teacher”

Irrespective, Jada Pollock remains his official girl


We can tell they are still together,  Wizkid is presently on tour, four days ago, he uploaded a video playing with his third son Zion  Jada Pollock was somewhere in the background.

So where does that leave Tiwa and Wizkid?

In our blogs and social media pages wondering, speculating and keeping them in the news.

Are we trying to say that Wizkid and Tiwa are just playing with our time and laughing backstage.

Yes… and No. All the rumor smoke between the two stars means that there is definitely  fire burning somewhere. probably they have had some “fling” definitely some thing intimate has happened between them (you cannot fake the sexual tension) but until they hold a press conference to address the status of their relationship, we can assume it is or was just a fling that is leading no where…

Remember when D’banj used Genevieve as a video vixen in his hit song “fall in love”-  thats how to Leverage an ongoing conversation to sell records.   *side note* Tiwa is super sexy as a video vixen though.



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