Another death by generator fumes just reported in Cross River Nigeria : Causes, effects and how to stay safe

The Story:

This story is according to vanguard Nigeria.  A newly wed couple  residing in Cross Rivers date has died from exposure to generator fumes.

Their landlady situated on plot 1, Ikot Effanga Mkpa New Layout on the outskirt of Calabar, Madam Stella Uruaka, has narrated how newly wedded couple, Mr. and Mrs. Kabiru Mohammed, aged 32 years and 27 years respectively, died as a result of generator emission in their rented apartment.

The couple reportedly got married two months ago in Jos where they were domiciled before relocating to Cross River.

According Madam Uruaka, “When they packed in newly, about eight weeks ago, they were keeping the generator outside but I do not really know what happened that made them change their mind to be keeping it inside the house.

She reiterated that she had severally warned the couple to stop using the generator in their apartment since she observed the inclination. But it remained in their kitchen.

She observed that on that tragic day, they switched on the generator as usual and surprisingly, the generator was on till about 2.00a.m in the early hours of Saturday and then went off.

They were found dead by family members later in the day when all attempts to reach them on the phone failed.


How does generator fumes kill?

Generator fumes contain Carbon Monoxide, CO. also known as the silent killer because it is odorless and has no smell.

When CO is breathed in, it attaches to hemoglobin, the molecule that normally carries oxygen in the blood. As more CO is breathed in, more CO attaches to hemoglobin and less oxygen can be delivered throughout the body. This lack of oxygen results in CO poisoning which leads to instant death.


Symptoms of CO poisoning:

Headaches, dizziness, nausea, weakness, loss of muscle control, shortness of breath, chest tightness, visual changes, sleepiness, fluttering of the heart, redness of the skin, confusion.

CO poisoning should be suspected if more than one member of the family is sick and if those who are sick feel better after being away from the area for a period of time.  At high levels or during continued exposure, CO can cause suffocation, resulting in loss of consciousness, brain damage, or death.


Staying safe in Nigeria where electricity is powered majorly by generators:

Buy a Co alarm, its available on Konga and Jumia.

If you suspect poisoning, rapidly leave the area to get fresh air. If possible, turn off non-electrical appliances in the immediate area. Leave doors open as you exit.

Never use generators inside homes, garages, crawlspaces, or other partly enclosed areas.

Only use generators outdoors and far away from open windows, doors and vents. Make sure to direct the generators exhaust away from these openings because they can pull in generator exhaust


Let’s stay safe.




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