Roger Federer: His rise. His Reign. His great fall and the big comeback

On Sunday, the world knew that a resurrection was about to take place. All the signs were there.

First in February of 2017, Roger Federer ended a 5 year grand slam drought by winning the Australian open against nemesis Rafael Nadal.

Secondly he went on to win the Miami opens & Indian wells Masters

Finally throughout the Wimbledon game Roger Federer has not dropped a single set; a feat no tennis player has achieved in the last 18years.

The Wimbledon win cements his comeback after years of losses at group stage and injuries

Roger’s Fans wanted to be live witnesses as he made history again. According to CNN, A patchwork of nationalities, from India, Lebanon, America, China and Africa all thronged to the stadium

They came spotting Roger branded T-shirts, Roger earrings and Tattoos .They were not disappointed, Roger Federer bested Marin Cilic and carried the Wimbledon cup for the 8th time without dropping a single set.

The world loves a great comeback story.

A story that started 16years ago in 2001, when nobody knew the name Roger Federer. He was top 100, at the time…


Meet 19 year old Roger Federer in 2001, as an emerging contender:

2001 Wimbledon: He caused a sensation by knocking out reigning singles champion Pete Sampras in the fourth round. Sporting a bandana with ponytails, it was a fierce 5 set match that ended the reign of the champion.

2003 Wimbledon:  following a successful season on grass, Federer became the first Swiss man to win a Grand Slam title when he emerged victorious at Wimbledon.

A champion is born.

2004: This year was a coming out party for Federer who started with a world ranking of No. 2. He won the Australian Open, the U.S. Open, the ATP Masters 1000 & 500 and retained the Wimbledon singles title. He was the sensation of male tennis. He ascended to the throne of world number one.

2005 -2007: Federer went on to become world’s number one for 52 weeks, sweeping over 30 titles and winning major grand slams. Of course he met growing contender Rafael Nadal and Djokovic. They defeated him sometimes, but did not stop his reign


A struggling Champion

2008:  was a really bad year for Roger Federer. He lost Wimbledon final to Raphael Nadal in what was called one of the greatest final games of all times. He also lost to Nadal in the Finals of French open. He crashed out in Semi – finals of Australian open thanks to Novak Djokovic.

He slid to number 2 position; though he won an Olympic gold medal that year for men’s double, his invincibility was broken.

Roger Federer battled a viral illness called Mononucleosis. It was caused by extreme fatigue. But he refused to take time off playing

2009  In 2009, He won French open and Wimbledon. He took back his throne as world’s number 1 but with lots of blood, sweat and tears.

2010. He won just one grand slam (Australian open) and suffered shocking defeats in the others exiting at quarter finals and group stages. He relinquished is number 1 title

 2011:  was his worst year yet. He did not win any of the four majors in 2011, the first time this has happened since 2002. Later that month, in September 2011, in a South African poll, Federer was voted the second most trusted and respected person in the world, next to Nelson Mandela.  He finished as world’s number 4


Man – aboard:  Federer grabs a lifeboat;

 2012: At this time, he had been written off as a fallen star.  People were surprised he was still playing until he came back into Wimbledon, conquered and won the grand slam.

He crashed out of the other three grand- slams in Semis and quarter Finals. But won six other smaller titles.  Armed with these titles he bleed his way back to world’s number 1.

It was hard-fought, but the message from 30year old Roger Federer was clear. “Still here “


The fall of Roger Federer

2013: this was his worst decline in form, at about 31 everyone predicted it was time to retire. Let the new talents Djokovic and Nadal shine. This year also marked the first time since 2002 that Federer did not reach a major final.

His only title win of the season was a victory at the Gerry Weber Open in Halle, an ATP 250 event. He also dropped five places to world’s number 7 his lowest ranking in 11 years.

When interviewed Federer confessed he kind of felt he cannot win due to a back injury, but wanted to give it a try with his experience.

2014:  He changed his coach, his racket and went back to the court. He did not win any grand slam but he made the semifinals & finals.  He also won the Davis cup and the Shanghai cup. With a total of 5 titles he hanged in there as world’s number 2.

2015: He also made finals in Wimbledon and US open. He played fairly well and closed at world’s number three.

2016: A knee and back injury forced him to take the rest of the year off.  He just turned 35 at this time. Retirement age. Because he was not playing, for the first time in 14years, Federer did not make top 10

As far as pundits were concerned that was the end of Roger Federer. If he ever played again, he would be lucky to reach a semifinal.

2017: The Great comeback of Roger Federer  

Six months off must have been time for some serious reflection and thought.

“For me [taking a long rest] worked out. It doesn’t mean it’s going to work out for everybody. But sometimes maybe the body and the mind do need a rest.” Roger Federer

Roger Federer performed one of the most remarkable feats in the history of sport: at age 35, he re-invented himself and his game.

He improved his backhand return and got a bigger racket.

The Australian open was where Federer’s renovation project was put to the test.

He met his nemesis Rafael Nadal; he defeated him in a 5 set Epic

They met two more times at finals in Indian Wells Masters and Miami Masters. Roger Federer also defeated him.

His return project was a hit.

It’s just July and he has already claimed 4 titles

He never gave up on his game even at the lowest moment.

Now with a Wimbledon win, it’s safe to say Roger Federer is back on form.

Resurrected by rest and passion.

Fueled by love of the game.

Am so inspired!





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