A tribute to Late Avicii (1989-2018) + The inside story of how he died.

Everyone on earth has heard Late Avicii”s  music…period. He is not Beyonce nor Nicki Minaj type famous but his songs are well known around the world.

Check out two of his most popular tracks

If you have not heard those two, then you must have heard Coca cola taste the feeling!  That’s him too!

Avicii is a musical genius that creates beats, melodies, sounds and write songs, he produces the entire music, but he does not sing.

He chooses the best voice suited for a particular beat or melody he has created and he directs the artist on how to enter and exit the song.

The real thing with Tim was his uncanny sense of melody — the kind that sticks in your head. He was very involved in the phrasing — how the singer entered and exited each vocal. Nobody did what Tim did and I think that that’s why he kept having hits- Neil Jacobson, his long time producer.

He has collaborated with famous acts in his music including David Guetta, Madonna, Leona Lewis, cold play, sia, Rita Ora. As a DJ, any song he remixes is automatically better than the original.

following his death 6 days ago, two autopsies were carried out to ascertain the cause of his death, but his family did not release details of the autopsy to the public only saying there was no criminal suspicion involved.

He was very open about his battle with his physical and Mental health

His career gave him fame; but also cost him his life – This is the story

It actually started with a story of two men in Sweden- at least they were the main characters at the very beginning

10 years ago 18 year old Tim Bergling (Avicii) was an aspiring musical composer with beats he had no idea how to use .

He regularly posted his beats to musical blogs hopeful that someday someone would find it and produce it

Ash Pournouri was a 26year old club promoter in Love with Electronic dance music.  He came across a raw beat he found through an online blog and contacted the producer through facebook

They both met and a partnership was born. Ash Pournouri was the man with the plan on how to make brand Tim Bergling a world-wide phenomenon. He promised to take care of Tim’s promotion and branding and make him a big star.

All Tim Bergling who is now called Avicii needed to worry about was make music. Ash Pournouri kept his word.

First Ash taught Avicii how to work as a DJ with the incredible sounds he already makes.

Then he got him club gigs and festivals across the world. His music mixes was always better than the original song which made him a worldwide phenomenon

In no time he was making 250,000 dollars per night at barely 20years old.

Avicii spent most of his twenties as one of the biggest touring DJs in the world, blowing fans’ minds from Las Vegas to Ibiza with confetti cannons and colossal EDM hooks He was soon partnering with Mega stars like Madonna

In 2010, he released his hit single levels and became an international/ worldwide phenomenon.

Avicii concerts pulled hundreds and thousands of fans

“You are traveling around, you live in a suitcase, you get to this place, there’s free alcohol everywhere—it’s sort of weird if you don’t drink,” he says. And so he did.

He needed the drink to steer is nerves and face the crowd, he was an introvert so sometimes it got overwhelming.

At first it was because “I didn’t expect it to last,” Tim says. Then it did last, and soon he had a serious habit: champagne at night, Bloody Marys at the airport, wine on the plane, repeat. “I was so nervous,” he says. “I just got into a habit, because you rely on that encouragement and self-confidence you get from alcohol, and then you get dependent on it.

He landed himself in the hospital in 2012 with acute Pancreatitis because of his excessive drinking.

In March 2013 Bergling was set to headline Australia’s Future Music Festival, but was forced to pull out of a number of dates after he was hospitalized for stomach pains related to the pancreatitis. Doctors in Brisbane told him he would need to have surgery to have his gallbladder removed.

But just a day after the hospital visit, Bergling was back on the road, being encouraged by his team to take on some phone interviews that day. Footage of the hospital visit and the days after are included in his documentary

His manager ash did not stop pushing him.

One year later in 2014, days before he was due to headline ultra-Music Festival in Miami, his gallbladder and appendix ruptured, landing him in hospital once again. He was encouraged by doctors to begin taking Percocet, an opioid pain reliever that’s highly addictive.

“It felt like I was constantly in a haze,” I didn’t know how long it was going to be like that for…and the doctors didn’t know either.”

By the middle of 2015, Bergling had completely fallen apart. Avicii was begging to cancel shows 

Pournouri his manager  told him that he “must honor his commitments.” Pournouri his manager who made him famous reportedly took  50% of all Acivii’s writing and production credits, and a further 20 percent of his performance fees.

In 2016, Avicii finally stood up for himself: He quit touring completely.

This Sunday was my last show. But far from my last days in the world of music,” he wrote. “Creating music is what makes me happy and I have gotten to know so many great people in my days of touring.”

“The decision I made might seem odd to some but everyone is different and for me this was the right one.”

“He doesn’t understand the value of money,” his manager Pournouri says, visibly unimpressed by his decision to retire “or that his decisions can have very negative consequences for other people.” Avicii and his manager split up that year

Between his emergence in 2008 and his retirement in 2016, Bergling played a staggering 813 shows — most of these taking place during 2011 and 2015. It was an utterly relentless schedule that made him a shell of himself

But he quit a little too late, he retired from touring an alcoholic with a semi damaged liver

Avicii let go of touring and gigs to focus on working on the studio and creating music.  I will however never let go of music — I will continue to speak to my fans through it, In August 2017, he announced that he was releasing a new album.  The best album he has ever created; then he died.

But he left a gift behind… his unreleased album.


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