5 puzzling questions about Omo Agege and the stolen maze

From rats in Aso rock to money swallowing snakes. Wanted Senators with police escorts (Dino Melaye) to disappearing presidents.  we thought we have seen it all, Then Omo- Agege the Maze runner happened

Night of a thousand laughs can retire now, our political situation is all the comedy we need. The drama surrounding the stolen maze has left everyone puzzled. through our laughter we have so many questions

How did the hoodlums and thugs enter the senate premises, steal the Mace without being accosted by security Officials?

The senate premises is guarded by the police, Army and men of the SSS. That is in addition to the retinue of protection officers attached to each individual senator. According to confirmed reports, the senate president Ike Ekweremadu has over 50 police men attached to him and each senator has at least one, in addition to their personal body guards and thugs

If the senate bubbling with security officials can be robbed in broad day light then no one is safe in the country #offa robbery.

Some reports are suggesting its political with pro- Buhari Senators responsible for the heist.Nigerian Senate suspended Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege because he opposed the electoral amendment bill. He and pro Buhari senators sponsored the thugs that took the Mace away from the National assembly

Why is everyone blaming president Buhari for being silent?

What happened to “separation of powers” Buhari is like the rest of anyway. He follows Nigerian news like super story

And what exactly will the Omo Agege team do with the mace?

Sell it on Ebay? or pound yam with it, ???  why is a wooden stick holding the country to ransome, except it contains some Jazz or magical powers that enable the senate perform their duties. looks like its got gold trimmings though

Are we seriously having this conversation?

We have many important issues facing this country, the Boko Haram Insurgency, Leah Sharibu has not been found. Medical hospitals facilities have become a human butchery plus no update and next steps following the Offa  robbery. Are security forces really going to spend valuable time and energy investigating a wooden stick while insecurity challenges remain

There is something some one isn’t telling us

Finally the name  Senator Omo- Agege: Is it a real name or just a nick name (just asking for a  friend)

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