Seven reasons why Cee-C may win big brother Naija

Miracle has been favorite to win the Big brother Naija competition. He probably still is, but from the hand writings on the wall, it would either be a close shave with Cee-C or she might even win here’s why.

The numbers don’t lie;

Observing the last eviction results and how Nigerians voted, Miracle scored 44% while Cee-C scored 27% its obvious miracle is leading right? Well, we can’t be too sure.

Miracle’s percentage score may be diluted. Tobi’s fans may have voted as per Toracle, Nina’s fans voted for him as per Mina. And may be some of Alex fans may have chimed in some votes because they belong to the same group of 4. On the other hand, Cee-c’s vote stood alone.

Only at the final votes when they all stand alone can we tell who really rules this game! But Cee-C / Miracle are big contenders for the prize money

Her fans are Spartans!

We must give credit to Cee-C’s fans though. They put their money where their mouth is. 9 times nominated for evictions, nine times she was saved. they are forever loyal and they always come through for her.
Most Cee-C fans agree she has issues that need to be fixed, how ever, the more people hate her, the more they love her.

She has earned a lot of pity votes in the past few days

Between Sunday and today a lot of Nigerians felt sorry for her due to her isolation. Alex bonded with Tobi while Miracle bonded with Nina, so most of the time she was alone in the house.

To make matters worse Alex was still gossiping about her and saying a lot of mean stuff. This has spurred pity among people who had no interest in the game and anger among her fans. these emotions has translated to – you guessed it ( more votes for Cee-C)

Her fan base is growing here’s why

Lolu force and Bam-teddy fans have now ported to team Cee-C. Lolu granted an interview and he had only good things to say about her. He concluded she was mostly misunderstood and she only had good intentions.

Some others just stop by because they are impressed with the consistency of Cee-C fans and want to join the winning team.

There is a little Cee-C in millions of Nigerians

She is hated both within the big brother house and among Nigerians, yet she keeps getting saved every time. some have described her fans as ghosts, unseen, unheard but very active.

Cee-C is every Nigerian who has ever felt misunderstood. she is everyone who felt it judged, or told they are rude, badly behaved or needs to change, and trust me that is millions and millions of Nigerians.

My bad, I actually named  instead of 7 ( no vex)






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