Now that BBN Naija is over…

We can finally ask Buhari why he said Nigerian Youths are Lazy;

At a Commonwealth event in London. President Buhari was asked a question after a keynote speech at the event . In his reply, the president said: “We have a very young population. More than 60% of the population is below the age of 30. A lot of them haven’t been to school and they are claiming that Nigeria has been an oil-producing country, therefore they should sit and do nothing and get housing, healthcare, education free.”

Nigerians youths are the most resilient anywhere. we school through strikes, sexual harassment, then we create small jobs to survive. and when we finally make the money, we patch our own roads, provide our own water supply(boreholes) and provide our own electricity ( generators) . So who is lazy now?
We can go and get our PVC – elections are happening next year.
Big brother Nigeria saw a huge turn out of Nigerians voting with their hard earned money. In all, 170 million votes were cast in the 85-day event, with 30 million votes coming in this week alone.
Nigerian elections are free, its more important than Big brother Naija. If Buhari or Atiku gets elected  we would start shouting we cant take it.
We should demand some accountability and update on Offa robbery and how hundreds of people were killed. We should protest the corruption within the Nigerian police 
According to confirmed reports, there was collusion between the armed bandits and the Nigerian police days before the robbery took place and money exchanged hands. The hoteliers that accommodated the armed robbers reported suspicious activities to the police DPO
The police men who went to investigate and make arrest negotiated a bribe of 400,000 and everything went quiet…until the day of the arrest.
this story is making rounds all the major news reporters in the country. But there is no outrage on social media #BB naija
We should listen to the campaign messages of Sowore (Sahara reporters)  and Fela Durotoye .
Lashes FC and sorry Collins twitter trends was fun, but lets move on. these young presidential aspirants should be our new twitter trends. There is a surge of youthful presidential aspirants all challengers for the presidency. They have been campaigning- how can we help them beat the political establishment
Can we walk into senate building ( Maze runner style ) and demand that the senators start focusing on bills that really matter to Nigeria
While Big brother Naija distracted us, our senators were focused on self serving bills geared towards the next elections. In-fact, this electoral reform bill was responsible for the maze runner saga.  electoral reforms would not feed the masses, deal with poverty or provide health care.

Big brother Naija has proved that we can be resilient if we unite towards a common goal. The love for miracle has been there from day one and has manifested at the finals. Cee-C ‘s die hard and silent fans also made her the last girl standing.

Imagine if we can unite to build our nation with the same big brother Naija Passion. Imagine if we vote like Cee-C fans. silently

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