Let’s chat about the 1 million dollars drake gave away in his music video- and the people who received it (see Video)

First, understand he actually gave the money away, the entire video is about the reaction of the people he gave the money to.  $996.631.90….that was the budget the record company gave him to make a music video

He could have hired a yatch in Saint Tropez with beautiful video vixens sipping Dom perignom and ace of spades. (The regular stuff)

But he gave the entire cash away; to real people with real problems in real situations. and filmed the reaction of people who received it.Beautiful!

These are the lucky recipients of Drake’s random acts of Kindness

He paid an unannounced visit to a Sabor Tropical Supermarket, footing the bills for shoppers’. According to reports, He strolled in around 4 p.m. with a megaphone, announcing that everyone can buy groceries on him.
“No one knew he was coming at all, we just came to do groceries. Cameras were being set up so we were all wondering what was to happen.” recalled Guille Deza, one of Drake’s lucky customers.

Destiny James, who is originally from Denmark, SC, received a $50,000 scholarship from the celebrity to pursue her college education. She said Drake made the donation after reading an essay detailing the trials she overcame to get to college and told her he appreciated how hard she’s worked, according to her Instagram post.

Drake also surprised students at Miami Senior High School, where he filmed a music video and donated $25,000. Additional school uniforms from his clothing line, October’s Very Own.

He donated 50,000 dollars to a homeless shelter, according to Allie Schwartz Grant, a spokeswoman for the non-profit. The new shelter, capable of accommodating up to 500 people, features a children’s wellness center a yoga and meditation room and Zen garden.

Drake reportedly splashed out a total of  $50,000 on  groceries for the shelter. Grant added that the Grammy winner handed out $150 Target gift cards to all 130 women who live at the shelter, and came equipped with toys and games for all 140 kids.

See video below

In a seemingly dark world filled with a daily dose of bad news, Drake just splashed a ray of light.  #inspired.


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