7 things you must know before you watch the Black Panther –no spoilers!

The kingdom of wakanda was mentioned in avenger’s age of Ultron.

The first time the kingdom of Wakanda (Black Panther kingdom) was mentioned in Marvel’s Avengers was the movie – age of Ultron. Wakanda’s greatest natural resource Vibranium was highlighted in the movie.

It’s a special metal found only in Wakanda, although very limited quantities have been stolen and moved  outside the country. Most of the world mistakenly believes that Wakanda has no more vibranium left

 In marvel movie age of Ultron, Some Vibranium was stolen from wakanda by a black market dealer Klaue. He sold the stolen Vibranium to the super villain Ultron unaware that he wanted to use it’s powers to destroy the world

Black Panther also featured in Captain America’s civil war;

T’Challa is the Black Panther of Wakanda. Think of him as a super powered protector of the Wakanda nation, blessed with enhanced physical attributes and a bulletproof high-tech suit.

Black Panther (T’ Challa) made his first Marvel appearance in Captain America’s Civil War.  T’Challa’s father T’Chaka is killed in an explosion at a United Nations summit in Vienna. The Black Panther who was with him but survived, vows to avenge his father.

Black Panther is super hero and King;

With T’challa father now dead, he has to be both Black Panther and King. He would probably tackle economic, social and political issues as king, then change into his body suit and kick some ass. cool.

Fans and critics are wowed with the movie

When it comes to rating movies, the recognized critics have only good things to say.

A near perfect score of 98% on rotten tomatoes

Scores an aggregate of 88% on metacritic making it the highest rated marvel movie on the platform topping even spider Man-2.

Rolling stone did not score it in numbers, but they have rated it a Marvel’s masterpiece.

The Kingdom of Wakanda is a Beauty;

Showcases African culture in an untouched society; without the effects of colonialism and institutionalized racism.

Design of wakanda is brilliant, traditional yet highly technological.

More reasons to watch;

It’s the first Mega budget movie to have an African American Director (Ryan Googler) and a predominantly black cast

The women in the movie are complete bad assess with several powerful females at the center of the story

Black Panther will now be involved in future Marvel Cinematic Universe.  In fact, he and his friends will be back just three months from now, for Avengers: Infinity War.



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