Watch your throne Beyoncé, Cardi B’s live performance is fire – (Watch her perform at the hip-hop awards)


Cardi B has stayed consistent across all her live performances – “go big or go home”. She recently performed at the BET hip hop awards, it was also over the top- watch:

Cardi is definitely taking a page from Beyoncé’s live performances I promise you, her military style performance at BET two days ago reminds me of Beyonce’s if where a boy military styled performance at the Grammy’s 2010.

Cardi always turns up to every performance with very elaborate stage set up, amazing costume design, and  a good number of backup dancers- even when she was pregnant.

She is not so much of a dancer, but you can see she is making positive effort to include good dance steps as she raps, just to put up a good show- yes girl
With every performance, Cardi B definitely pushes herself to be better, She gathers multiple inspirations but does it the Cardi way, – Twerking from stage to stage.

The 26-year-old rap star claimed four awards at the just concluded BET hip-hop awards, where she gave the sensational performance.  She took home the award for MVP of the Year, Best Featured Verse, Made-You-Look Award (Best Hip Hop Style) and Hustler of the Year.

This is Cardi’s moment, she puts out good music & Slays every live performance- what else can anyone ask of from an artist- *more Cardi please*

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