Game of thrones: 8 big reveals from season 8 leaks

The leaks in season 8 are so sad I think I need therapy, I really hope it’s not true,  but considering how accurate the previous leaks were am a bit worried. click the link below to view previous leaks.

Big reveals from leaked episodes season 7

It’s a pretty long script of the 6 episodes but here’s a brief summary

Euron Grey-joy planned to marry Cersi, Kill her and take over the seven kingdoms

In episode 7 Euron Grey joy is on Cersi side, doing every and anything to please her. He did not run away from the white walkers , rather he went to buy her a stronger army. according to Cersi, he would not miss an opportunity to marry the queen.

But leaked Episode 8 scripts shows that it’s  all part of Euro’s plan to marry her, kill her later and take over the seven kingdoms.


Bran and a second dragon Rhaegal dies during the first battle with the white walkers

Battle location: The North

Two dragons locked in combat, Undead Viscerion and Rhaegal.

Rhaegal falls to the ground and is stabbed to death by whites

Bran stark who was using his mind to assist Jon snow in the fight also gets rounded up and stabbed by white walkers

Dany and the north lose a lot of men but so did the night king

Jon snow mounts Drogo the only surviving dragon and burns all the dead bodies


Gendry would kill the zombie dragon

Battle location: The Vale

Gendry mounts a spear of Dragon glass into the mouth of the zombie dragon. Undead Viserion falls from the rocks of the bloody gate and it is Drogon who finishes the job and sets Viserion on fire.


Dany  did not rule the seven Kingdom, dragon stone was attacked as she was birthing Jon snow’s baby. she died in childbirth and was captured dead.

Battle location:  Dragon stone

i really hope this is a lie *wipes a tear*

At this time cersi army is still intact, In-fact she has bought extra soldiers to fight for her.

But Dany has lost a lot of her army in the fight with the white walkers. Cersi ceases the opportunity to attack dragon stone and capture Dany.

When Cersi’s army attack Dany at dragon stone, she just had a difficult child birth and is about to die. Missandei, Varys and Jorah are with her.

Cersi army is getting the upper-hand and start to invade the stairs to Dragon-stone as well. Daenerys says goodbye to Jorah and thanks him for always being there for her. Jorah expresses his love for her and promises to keep her new born daughter safe.

She asks Jorah to release her from her suffering and to kill her. Jorah says he never could and it’s Varys who puts Samwell’s sword, Heartsbane, through Daenerys’s chest to end her pain.

i strongly hope this leak is a lie.


 Arya disguises as Cersi’s hand Qyburn to kill her 

Murder location: The red keep

Cersei Lannister and the Mountain receive Qyburn in the Throne Room. He comes to tell her that Daenerys has been defeated. Cersei laughs and they both drink to celebrate their victory.

Cersei begins to feel dizzy, Qyburn starts to confront her , she  realizes that something is not right . that’s when Arya makes her identity known. She tells Cersei that a lion should never have fought with a pack of wolves.

As the Mountain moves to kill off Arya; she brings in Nymeria (her wolf she has reunited with) and the Hound to finish the job. Nymeria gravely injures Cersei and the Hound kills the Mountain. It’s Arya who finishes Cersei and slits her throat.

Deed done, The Hound, Arya and Nymeria leave The Red Keep.


Euron Greyjoy would be crowned King of the Seven Kingdoms…… (Briefly)

He sent a raven to all the kingdoms asking them to swear their allegiance to him or face battle.

Cersi’s army also bring Dany’s body to him, he hangs her body on the wall of kings landing and allows everyone to desecrate it and stone her. Her body stays by kings landing wall to rot away

THIS IS WERE I NEED THERAPY; Kaleesi, mother of dragons, breaker of chains….If it’s true, they had better rewrite that script (what madness)


Jon snow, Euron grey joy, Jamie Lannister, ser Jorah and the final dragon dies in a wild fire

Battle location: Kings landing

The battle took place in the dragon pit; there was wild fire below.  As drogo was dying from swords and spears thrust on all sides, he ignites the wild fire. They are all killed

So much for Jon being a targeryan.


Bran stark would be the new Night King

In the far far North, in the Lands of Always Winter. A single White Walker brings the body of Bran Stark to an altar.  He performs a certain ritual and Bran opens his eyes. They’re bright blue. The White Walker puts a crown on Bran’s head and the altar slowly changes into one of ice. Winter is coming…


Jon snow and Dany’s child would inherit and rule the seven kingdoms

Missandei and Tyrion bring up Dany’s child Lyanna in kings landing

Tyrion is officially the hand of the little queen

According to the leaks, the last scene  Tyrion is with Lyanna on the giant map of Westeros. Tyrion tells Lyanna she will rule the Seven Kingdoms one day. He explains to her all the cities within and who rules the houses.

Tyrion warns Lyanna that the Game of Thrones isn’t a child’s play and it’s one that comes at a price. Of course, Tyrion assures her that she’ll never have to deal with the Game of Thrones alone and he’ll always be there for her

Last shot is Lyanna and Tyrion staring at the Iron Throne.


Now am done with GOT messing with my head, it just a movie. *cries*

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