Nigeria decides 2019: Davido would be campaigning for PDP

Most successful political campaigns had clear strategy.

France Emmanuel Macron  started a movement– En Marche !
Barack Obama motivated the electorate to greatness “Yes we can”

Senator Ademola Adeleke  has a simple strategy for his 2019 Gubernatorial race

Its a party all the way- he would be rocking and grinding all the way to Osun state Government house.  “gbedu” till May 2019

He is famous for being the dancing Senator, Nigerian superstar Davido is his nephew, upcoming artists B. red and Sina Rambo are is his sons. What does he  really have to lose-?

The concert, sorry campaign has already started- Davido has announced the locations – nothing fancy

Ede on the 15th of September ,  17th we would be in Iwo. 18th he would be at Illesha , 19th we round up in Oshogbo. Did I get the dates right? Check out promo video below

“I’m contesting because of the people. Our people are suffering and we need to liberate them.
If I become governor, I cannot steal money that belongs to people. I have achieved everything that I could need money for in life.
“I have built houses, I have cars, I have everything. So, what would I do with stolen money? So, I won’t steal as a governor. I only want to serve.”  …..Senator Ademola Adeleke


Mr Adeleke is currently embroiled in a  Raging certificate scandal, multiple reports allege that he forged his secondary school certificate and failed to graduate from college.

“But who dey ask question” – with Davido’s star dust entertaining voters with hit songs and his uncle doing what he knows best as the dancing senator, Osun people may cast their votes forgetting to ask the important questions….until the party stops.

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