Apple’s iPhone XS launch- innovation died with Steve Jobs (see comparisons)

If Apple lovers must tell the truth, Tim cook did not announce anything completely new or ground breaking at yesterday’s Apple launch as they unveiled three new smart phones and an upgraded Apple watch

The iPhone XS Max (6.5-inch OLED display, stainless steel starting at $1099)
iPhone XS’s 5.8 OLED display stainless steel Starting at $999
iPhone XR with LCD display, aluminum cover starts at $749

All three products were more or less upgrades, design and hardware improvements- apple after Steve jobs is lacking in the innovation department

A brief flash back for context ….in 2007 when Steve Jobs introduced the very first apple phone he revolutionized the world of mobile for good- for the rest it was sink or swim 

Wearing his trade mark black turtle neck Steve jobs introduced the very fast iPhone.

“Today we are  introducing  three revolutionary  product– a wide screen  iPod with touch controls , a revolutionary mobile  phone, an internet communicator: these are not three separate devices, this is one device and we are calling it the i phone. Today apple is going to reinvent the phone”

Before his death, Steve Jobs created most of the company’s flagship products- Apple, I Mac, I pod just to name a few. Apple became synonymous with innovation and breaking boundaries- but not anymore it seems

In yesterday’s Launch, There was only one hardware upgrade that made all the difference- The A12 Bionic Chip.

This chip would deliver improved performance over last year’s A11 bionic chip which debut on iphone X

Because of the A12 bionic chip, it’s faster to authenticate users with Face ID and tracking facial movements for Animojis, or animated selfie emojis.

The chip comes with an improved engine eight cores and can run 5 trillion operations per second, up from two cores and 600 billion operations in the previous version,

In addition , the new iPhones comes with increased dust and water resistance – 1p268, 512 GB more storage, extended battery life and a dual sim.
The Apple Watch was only given a larger, rounded corner display and updated biometric sensors.

Clearly the iphone brand has changed from being wildly innovative to subtly upgrading and improving




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