How Georgina Rodriguez upgraded from a sales girl to Christian Ronaldo’s partner

Christian Ronaldo has been linked to many women in the past including Paris Hilton, but his long-time girlfriend Irina Shaqk was reportedly the love of his life, they dated for 5 years.

They eventually split up because she did not get along with his mother, Its Also claimed that she wanted kids, but he was not ready at the time to have more children. After a painful split, Ronaldo had numerous rebound affairs and flings until he finally settled into another relationship with Spanish beauty Georgina Rodriguez.

They have been together for about three years now. He recently told pierce Morgan during an interview that he would marry her

. ‘She helped me so much, of course, I’m in love with her. ‘We’ll be (married) one day, for sure. It’s my mum’s dream as well. So, one day. Why not?

In a tiny village of Jaca Northern Spain, a little girl born to an Argentinian father and Spanish mum grew up in hardship- Her Late father Jorge Eduardo Rodriguez was a drug dealer who spent almost 10 years in jail while she was growing up- Her name is Georgina Rodriguez.

She did not dream to be Hillary Clinton, she simply tried to rise above poverty and get by. At age 17 she got a job as a waiter . A spanish Magazine XL Semanal interviewed her, in the exercepts below she spoke about life as a waiter, a nanny, a sales girl and finally working in high fashion stores as a sales rep.

I worked as a waitress in small city, in Huesca, where there was nothing else to do, where I rented a flat and shared it with temporary teachers. When I saved enough money I went to Madrid.” 

She moved to Real Madrid at age 19, but she could not get a good job because she could not speak English-

I started working as a sales-woman in clothes shop (Massimo Dutti) in San Sebastián de los Reyes, far away from where I lived previously. But I wanted to work in luxury and i understood that for that, I needed to learn English.

I decided to go for four months ,,au pair” to England. I lived in Bristol, hired by one family and when I came back to Madrid, I started working in Gucci. I was 22.”

It was at the Gucci shop that she met Christian Ronaldo and at that moment her life would be changed forever. Before she met him, she had a very simple ambition

I would have liked to be a boutique manager, to set up a company with my sister, because I was selling a lot to the public and  I wanted to sell for myself, win for myself, not for others”-,

But thats all changed, In the luxury stores where she worked as a sales rep, she was hounded by the paparazzi and fans who wanted to take pictures with her or interview her. her life changed, She finally had to stop working.

February of 2017 shortly before Ronaldo had twins by a surrogate mother, she stopped working, and moved into Ronaldo’s home to become a full time mother to his kids then by march she got pregnant

On November 12, 2017, Rodriguez gave birth to their daughter. Ronaldo quickly took to Instagram to share the news and posted a photo of himself, his first son, Rodriguez and their new little bundle of joy. The photo turned out to be one of the most-liked pictures on Instagram in 2017 with over 11 million likes

Its rumored that Ronaldo still loves Irina Shayk, he was caught by eagle eyed social media users liking her photos on Instagram while he was already with Georgina, Social media Users have also commented that he looks more in love with Irina.

Georgina how ever seems like a practical decision, she loves all 3 kids he had through surrogacy as though they were hers, and as a regular girl with an average dream and she is also able to schedule her work commitments around Ronaldo’s life- Well it works.

Now she is with Ronaldo , she still making moves to better her self.
Georgina has become a star in her own right, gracing the cover of Spanish Women’s Health and Glamour Magazine. she has also amassed millions of Instagram followers. (13. 5million followers) at the time of writing.
She recently launched a lingerie line.- Well, secure the bag girl, cos you never know with these megastars.

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