The 32year old Saudi Prince and his vision that led to their women driving cars

In a historic decree, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Tuesday announced easing of restriction on women driving.

A royal decree was also issued to enable Saudi women to get a driving license, allowing them to drive.

The Saudi government plans to implement the decree by June 24, 2018.


A millennial sits on the Saudi Throne

The new Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is just 32years old and he is trying to modernize the highly conservative kingdom.

He is quite possibly the most powerful millennial in the world. As the youngest leader Saudi has ever had, he thinks global and is less stiff with islamic laws

The ongoing reforms are part of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s ‘Vision 2030’ plan. The plan is to build an economy which is not singularly dependent on oil and emphasize on growth in tourism and entertainment sector.


Some recent reforms


Saudi women allowed inside the stadium

On September 23, Saudi women were allowed inside the national stadium for the first time to join celebrations marking the Kingdom’s 87th National Day.

Hundreds of female spectators were seated with their families, away from single men during the music event inside the King Fahd stadium which usually sees all-male crowds for football matches, in the country’s capital Riyadh.

Investment in entertainment

Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund said on September 20, it plans to set up a company that would invest in the entertainment sector.

The oil-rich kingdom wants its citizens to have more fun at home instead of taking vacations abroad. Currently, public cinemas are banned in the conservative kingdom. But prince Salman wants to change that

Saudi’s new recreation cities

In April, the Kingdom confirmed that it would build a 334-square kilometer city to the south of Riyadh, which would be dedicated to sports, culture and entertainment. It would include recreational facilities, a safari and a Six Flags theme park.

The Kingdom is also constructing resorts on an approximately 150 kilometers stretch of its western coastline. The project is being funded by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF).

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