5 yrs olds in UK would be taught about Gay marriage and LGBTQ as part of school Curriculum by 2020- Also check out some of their books

The world ave spoil oh Hmmm– very soon, British schools would be telling 5year olds boys that its OK to marry Spiderman if you like him

From September 2020, it will become mandatory for pupils from the age of 5 to be taught  “relationship education” which includes lessons about LGBT relationships, same-sex and trans families.

we want the children to know that families have different shapes. We also want children to know about that great British value of tolerance. Tolerance is where we accept people who are different and we respect people who disagree with us

Headteacher at Hartford Manor Primary School in Cheshire,UK

But many Parents rebelling against it

Earlier this year, Muslim and evangelical  parents in Birmingham held a protest at the primary school gates  over lessons on homosexuality and gender.They accused a gay assistant headteacher of promoting LGBTQ causes without their consent at Parkfield Community School.

Some mums and dads from the predominantly Muslim area said they would rather leave the country than let their children carry on with the lessons.

Demonstrators claimed that teaching about LGBT relationships was ‘over-emphasizing a gay ethos’ and that the teachings were not ‘age appropriate’.

Counter-protesters also congregated outside the schools, slamming the parents who refused the training as homophobic.

The british Government has backed the schools- Parents don’t have a say

It’s the Law- all in the Britain – schools public and private would offer sex education on a broad range of topics including LGBTQ Online safety, revenge porn, sexting.

The new legislation has banned parents from opting out- (Side Note though: Is home schooling an option, cos this is ridiculous, Na by force?)

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said schools should be ‘able to teach about Britain as it is today’. He will be delivering support to schools ahead of the September 2020 mandatory introduction of same-sex relationship education.

Some older kids are opting out from LGTBQ lessons–

A 10-year-old girl in Britain was suspended after being accused of making homophobic comments during an LGBT class lesson. Kaysey and a classmate named Farrell, studying at a school in South London, both asked to be excluded from a school lesson that promoted LGBT pride month. 

Kaysey and Farrell were told they were being homophobic and were accused of making anti-LGBT comments in class. But Kaysey says she did not even know what the word “homophobic” meant until her teacher explained it.

Meanwhile, as the drama rages on- Some gay books and Movies pushing to the narrative to kids in primary and middle schools are being pushed into the market

One of the popular books Tango makes three is about two gay penguin that finally had a kid –

A Parent, Sally Rowe, who removed her child from school over LGBT+ lessons, said that 10-year-old boys with a male best friend would be “confused” at the book’s message – they would learn that some boys are gay, she said, and would think that they were gay, too.“It’s so important we protect children’s innocence and purity,” Rowe said.

Personally, I don’t get this Homophobic slur used on everyone that refuses to fully endorse being gay- I have gay friends, I like gay people- especially the guys cos they are so interesting, but do I agree that same sex should be together – NO, primarily because of my Christian faith.

In the same way Muslims don’t eat pork and Christians celebrate Christmas and some Indians don’t eat beef- Being gay is against my faith- Period – Now I would be labelled “Homophobic” – *eyes rolling*

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