Andy Ruiz Jr, the underdog who defeated Anthony Joshua was a last minute replacement- The inside story

For Andy Ruiz Jr, the new boxing heavy weight champion, the stars were aligned in his favor and everything fell in place seamlessly.

Anthony Joshua was a heavy weight champion- International Boxing Federation, World Boxing Association and World Boxing Organization with an undefeated record (22-0) but now all that is gone to an underdog selected by his own Manager as a last-minute replacement for his fight in America

To explain how he got himself into this fight, lets go back a little…

Anthony Joshua has never fought outside of the UK, this led him to get into constant thrash talks with America’s heavy weight champion Deotany wilder who has an almost perfect record of 40 wins and one draw. Deotany Wilder has accused Anthony Joshua of being no true champion until he fights in America- Many fans began to speculate that may be indeed Anthony Joshua was scared of fighting outside his home soil.

To prove to the world that he was not just a local player, Anthony Joshua came to the US to fight-

His opponent was the biggest thrash talker in the game Jarell Miller. What Jarell lacked in Skill and footwork he delivered in a powerful punch, analyst said if he could keep Anthony Joshua in the ring long enough- he stood a chance at winning

Ahead of his US fight, Jarell Miller shoved Anthony Joshua and Insulted his mum during the press conference

The world of sports and boxing was excited for Anthony Joshua’s debut in the US thousands of fans from across the world bought tickets to fill up the 20,000 seater Madison square garden, the excitement was palpable. Anthony Joshua was on his part, pumped and ready to beat Jarell Miller’s ass for insulting his mum and thrash talking him…

Then Jarell Miller failed multiple drug tests ahead of the match

The search for someone to replace Jarell Miller began, so many boxers backed out or declined to fight, they hated to be in the news for being beaten by Anthony Joshua on his first visit to the United States.

Where others were afraid, Andy Ruiz saw an opportunity- He slid into the DM of Eddie Hearn, Anthony Joshua’s promoter and declared that he was prepared to die in a fight with Anthony Joshua – He had a dream to be the first Mexican heavy weight boxing champion.

Give me this fight, I will fight harder than any of the names you’ve mentioned, I will give you a better fight and I will beat Anthony Joshua’.

Andy Ruiz Jr

For a boxer who earned 30,000 dollars per fight, he would now earn 3 million dollars to fight Anthony Joshua

For Anthony Joshua this fight was probably just an opportunity to test the waters outside the UK, many thought it would be an easy win for the Brit, but for Andy Ruiz it meant a whole lot more

 “I’m willing to put my life on the line against Anthony Joshua. It’s not going to mean a lot just for me and my family, but for my country. I’ll be in the books: Andy Ruiz Jnr, the first Mexican heavyweight champion of the world. I’m already getting Goosebumps by hearing that. That’s the main goal I’ve had since I was a little kid.”

The 29 year old baby faced Ruiz possesses rare fluidity and hand speed for a heavyweight and has never really been hurt in a fight. But he was fat, appeared unfit and did no thrash talking (which walked to his advantage) he did not make Anthony Joshua upset or eager to knock him out- he was just polite

Last night, he pulled a a stunner and defeated Anthony Joshua knocking him down four times in seven rounds- the referee called a halt to the fight as Joshua looked exhausted and whipped Mentally

He is a champ for now, But I shall return…( Anthony Joshua responds to his loss)

Joshua has an immediate rematch clause with Ruiz and he said he planned to exercise it, the two men will likely meet later this year in the UK. The rematch is a fight for Anthony Joshua’s career we hope he can win that fight

At the end of the day, don’t joke with a man that prays….. After Andy Ruiz won he returned glory to God in his press conference

All glory to God for putting me here in this position.

Andy Ruiz JR

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